03 June



It's time to show you my gems from the last few months. You'll find here some makeup cosmetics, inexpensive nude nail polish and a funny series.  Feel free to read! 

Mysecret Rozświetlacz Do Twarzy Disco Ball

Mysecret Disco Ball Highlighter 

Highlighters from MySecret are some of the best cosmetics in this category from the drugstore. They give the effect of a beautiful surface without any particles, without showing the texture of the skin. Disco Ball has a neutral slightly pinkish tint. Applied with a brush gives the perfect glowy effect for everyday, and applied to the sprayed face a beautiful shine.

AA, Wings of Color, Blush & Rouge, róż do policzków, nr 04 light pink

AA, Wings of Color, Blush & Rouge 04 light pink

Blush from AA Wings of Color in shade Light Pink has a beautiful delicate color, matching any skin tone. Thanks to a small specucle, it beautifully refreshes the skin. It is not too heavily pigmented, so you won't make any stains. This blush it's easy to work with are long lasting. It contains nurturing extract of coral algae and apricot kernels. 

Essence Plumping Nudes Lipgloss 08 My Big Moment

Essence Plumping Nudes Lipgloss 08 My Big Moment

Essence 08 My Big Moment lip gloss is one of the nicest nude gloss I've ever had. It has a very delicate natural color. On the lips it looks as if he conquered their shade. The lip gloss has a pleasant, creamy texture and is easy to apply thanks to the convenient applicator. 

Cienie Kobo Professional + paletka Inglot Flexi Eco

Kobo Professional eyeshadows + Inglot Flexi Eco palette

Kobo Professional shadows are some of the best shadows from the drugstore. They are well pigmented, easy to blend and look very nice on the eye. I keep my shadows in a small bamboo palette from Inglot. I chose warm, extinguished shades, gently emphasizing beauty.  

Catrice More Than Nude 07 Nude Beautie

Catrice More Than Nude 07 Nude Beautie 

Carice 07 Nude Beautie is a transparent coffee shade that looks very natural. With one layer, it gives the nails a glow, and at two light transparent opacity. In the photo you can see two layers of nail polish. 

Catrice More Than Nude 07 Nude Beautie

psych series

Psych (2006-2014)

As a child, Shawn Spencer discovered an extraordinary talent for perceiving the smallest details. Now he can not find a job, so he decides to use his skills and give the police a tip in solving difficult cases. It is so good at it that the cops are starting to be suspicious of whether or not he is personally embroiled in these crimes. To clear his name, Shawn decides to start a career in the medium. Soon Shawn pulls into his "business" childhood buddy, Gus 

It's a hilarious series, full of original characters, great dialogues and lots of references to the 80s. If you like crime comedies, this series is sure to appeal to you!  

Do you know these products? Maybe one of them is your favorite? 


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