24 May

Is the soy drink healthy? Recipe for homemade soy milk


In the times when we live soy drink has gained a very high popularity, especially among people who are on a plant-based diet as well as vegans. Still, a lot of people are still wondering if it's good for us. In today's post, I'll try to answer this question. I would point out that I'm not a specialist in this field, so I'll be based on my own knowledge and experience. 

 Soy drinks have accompanied humanity for a very long time, because from the 2nd century ons p.e.ch. According to legend, the inventor of soy cottage cheese, milk and the like is Liu An. He was a Chinese prince of the Han Dynasty. It's a traditional Chinese drink. 

 In terms of health properties, it's much better than cow's milk. This is due to the fact that it doesn't have lactose and casein, making it suitable for people who have its intolerance. 

The soy drink m.in. unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin B1 (0.690 mg/100g), B2 (0.189 mg/100g), magnesium (216 mg/100g), phosphorus (743 mg/100g), potassium (213 mg/100g) (8.9 mg/100g), calcium (240 mg/100g), carbohydrates (4g/100g) or fibre (1.3g/100g).

 Natural soy drink is low in calories, making it good for weight loss. It has from 30 to 50 kcal /100g.

 It contains a similar amount of carbohydrates to cow's milk, but much less sugars (2.7g/ 100g) and much less fats, because only 1.2g/100g. Vitamins B12, D, C and E are often added to soybean products. Another advantage is the low effect on cholesterol levels in the blood. It also reduces the risk of blood or heart disease. It's worth adding here that it lowers elevated testosterone in men. Thanks to the estrogen contained in soy, it's helpful for women who have menopause. 

 Unfortunately, as is usually the case, soybean doesn't have the same advantages. Its intake shouldn't exceed 50g per day. It also contains trypsin and haemago lockin inhibitors. Substances can also cause pancreatitis or disrupt protein digestion. Fortunately, these substances are destroyed when soybean is heated. There are also theories that eating soybean leads to deficiencies in nutrition, but there are no worries here too. If we have a properly balanced diet, nothing will happen to us.

It is worth considering here some old adudance - "Everything is poison and nothing is poison, because only a dose makes poison" - Paracelsus. 


Finally, I have a simple recipe for soy drink for ;)  

You'll need: 

3 cups dry soybean 

4 pots of water - soaked 

a little salt and sugar 

I pour water to soybeans and set aside for 24h (every 6h need to replace the water)

I strain the water and mix the soybean with blender

Again, I pour water and add a little salt and sugar. 

I cook  soy drink for about 20 minutes.

Then I strain the mixture, for example, into a jar through gauze. 

Ready :)! 

I hope I convinced you about this drink. I drink it myself often and I really like it, in particular I recommend for coffee :) 


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