11 May

Bella Secret Natural Hair Oils | Vegan & Zero Waste

Get to know the natural hair cheeses from bella secret. He's been testing them for 3 weeks now and I can finally write you something more about them. How did they work for me? Feel good to read! 


Bella Secret hair cheese is a blend of natural oils that together form a unique oily and strengthening recipe. Oils are cold pressed in small batches, so they are always fresh and high quality. Watro mention that the seeds used to pump oils come from certified organic crops. 


Bella secret hair serum is in a practical bottle with a pipette made of dark glass. The packaging is very elegant and beautifully decorates the bathroom or dressing table. 


Oils are a mixture of all kinds of oils: penetrating, non-incoming and semi-repellent, so they are versatile and should work well on hair of different porosity.  



Flax serum consists of linseed, sunflower and coconut oil. 


Chia serum consists of chia seed oil, poppy flower seed oil and inicholy oil.  


Both oils work great on my hair, most often I use them for oiling hair. After just a few uses, my hair became smoother, softer and nourished.  

Added to the hair mask very well smooth them and make them easier to comb. 


I really like to apply a droplet of Flax serum after washing my hair while it is still moist. This essential oil perfectly moisturizes and strains the hair. 


The performance of the essential oil depends on the length of the hair and the frequency used, one pipette serum is enough for me to oil the whole hair.  


Do you use hair oils? 





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