07 January

Green News and eco summary of the year 2020 | no more plastic, veganuary, vegan cheese


2020 was a challenge for all of us.  Fortunately, work on improving ecology continues, which has created some positive developments in the eco world. In this post, I'll tell you about Veganuary, the abandonment of plastic, the first organic ferry and vegan cheese. 

From 2021, no more disposable plastic 

Since this year, member states have been banned from selling disposable cutlery, ear sticks, straws and plastic agitators. Bottles that will be collected and processed with this plastic will still be available by 2029.  Over time, more items made of plastic are expected to come to this.  In addition, if we already want plastic things, we will cover their costs as polluters.  

Krakow company creates vegan camera straps 

They are produced by the company Szelma founded by Jan Wolak-Dyszyński.  

These straps are made of cork. They look much better than the original strips from manufacturers,  lightweight and durable.  The trees from which the cork is extracted come from Spain, but it is worth noting that they are not cut down, but every 10 years or so they are peeled from the bark.  This fabric is made from the felling of corks used for wine.

Companies encourage employees to switch to vegetarianism 

The so-called "Veganuary" action takes place every January, its aim is to encourage people to try a diet without a month. So far, about 350,000 people have been involved in the action, an increase of half from the previous year. Among them are the management teams of Nestle, Bloomberg, M&S, Quom, Tesco. PwC and EY. 

Europe Seaways is the world's first hydrogen-powered ferry 

The construction is carried out by the Danes together with the Norwegians. It is to be powered on green hydrogen. According to the developers, it is expected to accommodate 1,800 people, 380 cars and 120 trucks. It is to run between Copenhagen and Oslo, and the entire round trip is expected to take no more than two days. This ferry is a response to CO2 emissions in transport according to the calculation is expected to reduce it by as much as 64,000. Tonnes. The project aims to move to zero-emission transport. The ferry is expected to be launched in 2027.  

Remilk created a new cheese on synthetic casein 

An Israeli startup has created cheese on synthetic casein, it's pretty good news for those who don't eat cheese and lack its flavor. According to Remilk founder Aviv Wolff, the difference between real cheese is caused by casein micelles.  The company uses microbial fermentation to replicate it. The company is now adapting its product to market entry and expects sales to start by the end of this year. Cheese from Remilk can be cheaper than traditional, healthier and environmentally friendly cheese. 

Paris will have more greenery 

Today's metropolitan character of the city was introduced by Emperor Napoleon III Bonaparte took place in the XIX century. Now, in the 21st century, the city authorities have decided to remove more than half of the parking spaces and create more green spaces in their place.  The target is to be achieved by 2030. The Eifla towers are to have Groves in their area, and the Opera Garnier building is to have cherry trees. The aim is to reduce traffic so that residents spend more time outdoors. The action itself will start as early as August this year.  

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