08 January

Cosmetic Discoveries and Hits 2020 | natural and vegan


The beginning of the year is a time for summaries. Yesterday appeared Green News with an eco summary, so it's time for cosmetic discoveries and hits last year.  

In this post you will find a lot of natural cosmetics. All of them are vegan and cruelty-free. 

Welcome to cosmetic discoveries 2020! 

fresh&natural hydrolat

Flower Water Fresh&Natural

I love hydrolats! They have accompanied me in care for several years now. I usually replace the tonic with them or refresh my face during the day. Although also great for moisturizing hair before oiling.  

Fresh&Natural hydrolates are inexpensive and have a short, natural composition. Wonderfully soothe and at the same time slightly moisturize the skin. 

In addition, I really like their eco dark glass packaging, so that the cosmetic will be fresh longer. You can safely use these bottles a second time, they have a good atomizer that does not stutter.  

Sensitive people can be disturbed by a fairly strong natural smell - rose smells of roses, and lemon balm like a very strong lemon balm tea. Fortunately, the smell disappears quite quickly.  

serum miya anti aging

Miya Cosmetics anti-aging serum

This serum has accompanied me all year round. I've already used almost two packs and i'm sure I'll buy the next one.  

The serum from Miya spreads easily and absorbs very quickly. It perfectly conquers the effect of the cream and perfectly matches my dry complexion.  It smoothes, moisturizes and refreshes the skin. After using it, the complexion is slightly tight and looks very fresh and healthy.  The serum has a delicate smell and packaging made of dark glass with pepita. Despite its rare consistency, it is very efficient and lasts for several months.  

milk makup mascara

Milk Makeup, Kush High Volume Mascara

Milk makeup is known for its clean beauty and this time it is too. Of course, ink has a good composition, we find in it nourishing cannabis oil and pure pigments.But a good composition is not everything, this mascara perfectly lengthens eyelashes, lasts a long time and does not fall off. In addition, it is super black.  

paese dd cream

Paese DD Cream 

I discovered this DD cream in the spring and I am very happy to have bought it. Since then I have been using it almost every day. Fliud has a creamy texture and a beautiful natural finish. It is easily distributed with your fingers, sponge and brush. On dry skin it looks healthy and is imperceptible. As for the cream DD has a pretty strong opacity and lasts a long time. I also really like that it has SPF 30. It's always extra protection. :) 

podkład felicea

Felicea Foundation 

This is my favorite natural primer! It has great opacity, whereby it looks very natural, like a second skin. It does not emphasize dry skins and does not dry out the skin. It lasts a long time on the complexion, and in addition it is very efficient.  

You can read more about this primer in this review.  

kredka do brwi makeup obsessin

Makeup Obsession So Fine  brow pencil

I really liked this brow pencil and I use it often. The pencil has a very precise tip, so you can draw a small hair on the eyebrows. With this pencil, you can get very natural-looking eyebrows. In addition, the brow pencil is quite efficient. 

lovebar szmapon odżywka

LoveBar Shampoo and conditioner in the bar

One of my discoveries in 2020 was loveBar. 

As soon as I saw these beautiful hearts in Rossmann, I wanted to buy them all. In the end, I chose shampoo and conditioner for dry hair, which quickly became my favorites. ( you can read about them here) In the middle of the year, I became an ambassador for LoveBar, so I could test more products and I fell in love with them all. 😃 Their body wash cubes smell beautiful and add energy for the whole day, and shampoo for oily hair enchanted me even more from shampoo to dry hair( here you can find its review). I've also seen make up remover hearts on the company's website and can't wait for them to be available in Rossmann. :)

And what are your discoveries of 2020? 



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