05 December

Vegan Primers | My makeup collection

I invite you to another entry in which I will tell you about my beautician. In earlier posts I wrote about vegan powders and highlighters, and today I will tell about the bases under the primer. Feel good to read! 🙂 

Catrice #Insta To Go Blur Stick 

This base perfectly fills the pores and smoothes the skin. The primer spreads very well on it and lasts quite a long time. In addition, this primer is inexpensive and available in drugstores.

Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer 

It's the best base to extend the life of the foundation I've ever had. Usually, bases of this type terribly dry out the skin, and this product is the only one does not. Hydro Grip is composed of aloe juice and hyaluronic acid, and these two ingredients have moisturizing properties.  

bareMinerals, Prime Time 

This primer is photoshop  in a small tube. Primer blends very well into the skin and smoothes it perfectly. It works well with liquid and mineral foundations. Primers stick well on it and don't roll. It is not one of the cheapest, but it is very efficient. 

Marc Jacobs Beauty Undercover 

This base smoothes the complexion nicely and moisturizes it well. The primer on it looks healthy and holds well all day long. Ideal for dry skins. 

My secret Fixer Liquid 

Fixer liquid is a useful thing! This multifunctional product prolongs the durability of make-up, gives a second life to dry lipstick and mascara and change shadows into eyeliner. It is worth having this product in your beautician.  

Do you know any of these cosmetics? 




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