08 December

Alterra natural makeup - is it worth it?


Alterra cosmetics are well known to me, I like them for their natural compositions and friendly price. I was very happy when I noticed that Alterra introduced her maskeup in Polish Rossmanns. There are quite a few vegan cosmetics to choose from, but are they worth the attention? Feel good to read! 

In alterra's makeup you will find all the cosmetics you need to make a full face makeup. Fortunately, many of them are marked with the symbol vegan society.  I chose bronzer, concealer, mascara and eyelash conditioner. 

Alterra bronzer 01 Honey Gold

It's a good bronzer for people with a light warm complexion. It has a light, subtle color, in a warm shade with small sparkles.  But don't worry, sparkles particles give the effect of a healthy, natural tan and can't be seen on the skin. Powder is lightly pigmented, but thanks to this it doesn't make stains. It lasts quite a long time on the skin and looks good on dry skin. 

Alterra concealer 03 Bright Eyes

It's a very bright concealer, perfect for pale people. However, its bright color is the only plus for me. Unfortunately, this concealer doesn't work with my dry skin. It quickly cools down and makes streaks, even if I apply it with a wet sponge. Maybe they would work better on a different type of skin.  

Alterra mascara 01 Black

This mascara is not bad, but it doesn't give spectacular effects. It simply blacks out eyelashes and that's it, it doesn't lengthen or thicken them. If you like very natural makeup, you may like it, but I prefer mascaras that lengthen eyelashes. 

Alterra eyelash strengthening serum 

In turn, this eyelash serum is pretty good. I usually use it for the night because it is forbidden to apply mascara on it. Eyelashes after a few months of use are longer. I also apply the serum to the eyebrows and here the effect is very similar, the eyebrows are definitely denser. On days when I don't do makeup I use this serum as an eyebrow gel. In this role, it works well and keeps the hair in place.  

Do you like Alterra?



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