12 November


Today we invite you to the empties of cosmetics that we have used over the last months. It's gathered a little bit- you'll find face care products, shower gels and something for hair. Come read! 

Bielenda, Vegan Muesli, krem i serum 

Dorota: Bielenda cream and serum is a cool combination for people with dry skin who don't like cosmetics with a heavy consistency. Both cosmetics moisturize and nourish the complexion well, have a light texture and quickly absorb. After using them, the skin is smooth and soft to the touch and looks healthy and radiant. Cosmetics have a nice coconut scent, however, it is quite powerful and sensitive people can disturb. 

Isana, facial wash 

Dorota: This gel has a good composition and a good price. It does not contain sls or strong cleaning means. It cleanses the complexion well and doesn't dry it out. It has a delicate fresh smell, a little like a cucumber. It is closed with a soft tube, from which it is easy to squeeze. 

Patryk: The gel has a pleasant cucumber smell. It cleanses the skin well and refreshes the face. 

Topa, Dermo Face, Sebio, Maska - peeling - 4 w 1 

Dorota: It is a mask with a creamy consistency with peeling particles. It can be obtained in a 25 ml tube and in a sachet. The mask is easily applied and distributed, and after a few minutes it cools like clay. After using the mask, the face is matted and well cleaned. Unfortunately, the mask dries off the skin, so I use it only when imperfections appear to me or only in those places where I have enlarged pores. 

Catrice, Glam & Doll, False Lashes Mascara 

Dorota: I'm mistaken that catrice ink is one of the better vegan mascara from the drugstore. It doesn't make the effect of insect legs. Very nicely separates and lengthens eyelashes. It does'ot fall off and doesn't make a panda effect. In addition, it's cheap and easily accessible. Rather, it isn't suitable for evening, strong makeup, but it's the perfect for every day. 

Cien, Food For Skin, Krem do rąk 

Dorota: This series of cosmetics is produced by Tołpa and it doesn't stand out from their other products. The cream moisturizes, smoothes, elasticizes the skin on the hands. For this it smells nice and convenient to use, and its small packaging is ideal for a handbag. 

Cien, Food For Skin, Liquid Soap with Rose Water 

Dorota: It's a good soap with a friendly composition. It doesn't dry out the skin and doesn't cause a feeling of pinching. It has a nice, subtle fragrance that makes hand washing more pleasant. :) 

Alterra, sensitive, shampoo and shower gel 2in1 

Dorota and Patryk: Another empties and another bottle of gel from Alterra, but what to do if this gel is so good. :D It has a good, delicate composition, without dyes and smells, so it doesn't dry out the skin. We usually use it to wash your hair, but it's also great for washing your body or face. 

Facelle, intim, intimate hygiene liquid 

Dorota and Patryk: This cosmetic also often appears in the empties and also has a good, delicate composition. The gel does its job well and is cheap and efficient. It is also good for washing hair or skin. 

Alterra, activated carbon cleansing shampoo and Lemon Balm BIO 

Dorota: I use this shampoo once a week or two to cleanse the scalp to wash away excess cosmetics from my hair. After its use, the hair is reflected from the root and fresh. Shampoo has a black color and a fairly dense gel consistency, which makes it quite efficient. 

Isana, Kids, Pirate Island, 2 w 1 

Dorota: I  bought this gel for my nephew in mind when he stayed with us. The gel has a pleasant consistency, it is neither too rare nor too dense. It has a pleasant smell and it is easy to make foam for bathing. 

Alterra, orange vegetable soap with natural orange oil 

Dorota i Patryk: This is our favorite soap from the drugstore. It smells very nice with fresh orange. It washes well and is quite efficient. In addition, it has eco cardboard packaging. For that price, it's a hit! 

ONLYBIO Silver Med Care+, hand soap 

Dorota: This soap has a delicate, natural composition and ecocert greenlife certification. It washes well, but doesn't dry out the skin. It has a nice herbal scent. They can be purchased in a pump bottle and stock. 

Patryk: I also use this soap to wash my face and thanks to it my skin will not cut. Soap is well rinsed and has a nice herbal smell. 

Isana, shampoo in the bar

Dorota: It's a pretty good shampoo in the bar. It foams well and despite its delicate composition, it perfectly cleanses the scalp. However, if you avoid palm oil, this shampoo unfortunately has it in its composition. 

Patryk: This shampoo washed the scalp well and calmly washed off wax or lipstick. 

Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Heat & UV Protective Primer 

Dorota: I love this essential oil and i'm sure I'll buy its next pack. I got it as a free shopping experience in Sephora and was amazed at how well it works. The oil smoothes the hair nicely and gives it a shine, without the effect of load. 

Alterra, mask for dry and damaged hair 

Dorota: This is my favorite hair mask, I have been using it for years! Very well moisturizes hair. After using it, the hair looks beautiful, shiny and smooth. The mask has a beautiful smell, characteristic of the whole series and a dense consistency, which makes it very efficient. 

Redone Aqua Wax Full Force Red 

Patryk: This wax is great for hair styling, long holds a hairstyle and doesn't make a shell from hair. It's water-based so it's easy to wash off. In addition, it smells of strawberries. 

Anwen, Hair conditioner of different porosity 

Dorota: Conditioner moisturizes well, and hair after its use shines nicely. It has a good, natural composition. However, it has a very strong, artificial lilac smell, which remains long on the hair. If you are a fan of floral fragrances, this one will definitely appeal to you, but if you are sensitive to strong smells, this conditioner can cause a headache. 

Do you know any of these products? 

Dorota & Patryk :) 


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