24 November

The perfect men's perfume for winter - The Body Shop Arber


vegan men's perfume

Today I have reviews of my favorite perfumes for the autumn-winter period! I hope you enjoy it too! :) 

Well, the beginning is worth mentioning where the name Arber 😊 

The toilet water owes its name to the peak "Großer Arber" it is located in the German mountain range called Bayerischer Wald. Together with Bohemian Forest, it forms the green roof of Europe, on top of which is amber peak. 

Arber toilet water is ideal for the autumn-winter period. It has an aromatic sandalwood scent and a hint of citrus. The heart notes, on the other hand, will be tone with mint, watermelon with coriander. This combination will make the evenings kinder and warmer. 

vegan perfume

Arber has a glass packaging with a matte burgundy color. The glass is smooth and under the light acquires a lighter color, so you can see how much perfume is left inside.  

The plug and atomizer are made of aluminum. Although the colour matches the glass, I think a black matte cap would add exclusivity to the packaging. 

On the bottle there is a minimum of the manufacturer's logo, the name of the perfume and their quantity. The inscriptions are in white. The whole thing looks minimal and masculine. 

venag perfume

For now, these are one of my favorite perfumes for autumn and winter. I think they have a great, a bit heavy, but a pleasant smell. After application, it lasts a very long time on clothes, and on the skin its durability is also long. I recommend especially for nice winter evenings and the holiday season. 

Their price on The Body Shop is 109,90 PLN per 100 ml, yet occasionally they can be obtained for about 50 PLN (hunt for bargains 😊!). These are some of the more interesting perfumes offered by this manufacturer. I recommend it as much as possible and I think they can appeal to you! 😉 

Patryk :)

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