07 October

Vegan Powders | My makeup collection

In today's post I invite you to an overview of my vegan powders! There will be cosmetics from drugstores, powders with a natural composition, as well as several exclusive products. With each of the powders I will say two words about them. Interesting? Come read!

Felicea Natural Powder 101

I'll start with felicea powder, which is perfect for "makeup no makeup" days instead of primer. It has a small opacity, but nicely unifies the color of the complexion and does not look hard. It slightly mates the complexion, whereby it looks very natural, and the brightest color 101 is really bright. Powder looks nice under the eyes and does not cause a feeling of skin pull or dry out. It lasts all day on my dry skin, but I don't know if it's just as good as fat skin.

Ecocera Banana Story

Now that we are at the natural powders, I will mention Ecocera. My packaging is a sample, but after a few uses I know it's not the perfect powder for me. I bought it with the idea of powdering the area around my eyes, however, it blacks out my sleepers and concealers, so I can only use it when I sunbathe. Powder is well ground, evenly distributed and does not feel it on the skin. It gives a matte effect and maintains it well. It does not enter into wrinkles and looks nice under the eyes, however, after a few uses it dries the skin. I think this powder will work better on normal or oily skin.

Kobo Professional Under Eye Brightening Powder

This powder is definitely my favorite powder!! It smoothes the skin beautifully and looks just as good under the eyes as it does all over the face. It does not dryout the skin, does not enter wrinkles and looks very healthy. In addition, it looks good for many hours, is efficient and has a good price.

Marc Jacobs Finish Line Perfecting Coconut Setting Powder

This product looks nice on the complexion and perpetuates the makeup well, however, it is suitable for me only in summer and not because of the color, but the dryness of the skin. Unfortunately, at other seasons emphasizes dry skins. I wrote more about him in this post.

BareMinerals Mineral Veil Finishing Powder

I use this powder to fix makeup and it does a great job in this role. It smoothes the complexion nicely, whereby it looks natural and is almost invisible on the skin. It has a good, natural composition and very practical packaging. The only downside I see in it is the deterrent price. 9 g of powder costs as much as 145 pln, although this makes up for its performance.

What's your favorite powder?



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