22 October

Vegan natural makeup at a good price

Do you know PuroBio cosmetics? These natural products combine skin care and makeup. In today's post, I 'll tell you about the three multifunctional products of this brand that I had the pleasure of using. Feel good to read! 

PuroBio is probably one of the most popular brands with natural cosmetics. Positive feedback tempted me to test a multifunctional Lip & Eye Shadow Pencil, eyebrow pencil and concealer. 


Lip & Eye Shadow Pencil 

Soft and easy to use lipstick in cray on. Thanks to the content of organic vegetable oils, it perfectly nourishes, moisturizes and protects the lips. Enriched with vitamin E, it has an anti-aging action. The multifunctional cosmetic can also be used as blush for cheeks and eyeshadow. 

My Lip & Eye Shadow Pencil comes in a shade  24 - it's a dirty extinguished pink, perfect for every day. 

The lip pencil has a matte finish and a slightly dry texture. It is quite long-lasting, however, after a meal it needs to be improved. 

If you temper it well, it can replace the contour pencil. It doesn't dry the lips, but before applying it, I always use lip balm. 

As a blush it works quite well, although by dry consistency isn't the easiest to use. I put it on my hand, and then pat it on my cheeks with a beauty sponge. 

As a shadow, unfortunately, lip pencil isn't the best option, it is not long-lasting.


 Eye & Eye Brow Pencil 

Eye Brow Pencil has very good pigmentation. The brush guarantees easy modeling and even application of color. Soft, easy to distribute, as well as precise. The formula contains valuable vegetable oils and vitamin E, which is a natural source of antioxidants. It contains, among other things, sweet almond oil with a complex of vitamins, thanks to which it has a very high ability to moisturize and smooth the skin. Crayp also intended for sensitive eyes. 

My shade of Eye Brow Pencil is 27 - is a light cool brown that is perfect for blondes and light brown hair. 

The eyebrow pencil has a creamy texture that glues the hair and keeps in place all day, so you no longer need to use eyebrow gel. If you strongly temper the cray on, you can fill eyebrows very precisely, and the effect can be graduated by pressing the pencil on harder or lighter. The pencildoesn't smudge during rain or heat. I really like the fact that a brush is attached to the pencil

Unfortunately, my color is light enough that it can't be used as an eye pencil, so I don't know how it works in this form. 

Liquid concealer 

Liquid concealer with strong opacity properties. It will work even in case of strong discoloration staths and imperfections. The application in the form of a brush is ideal for use on very delicate areas of the face. The antioxidant-rich formula based on sage hydrolate supports the absorption of valuable active plant ingredients. It has an intense nurturing effect. 

Unfortunately, this concealer didn't work for me. It has a nice light shade, but by its thick texture on my dry skin it accentuates all the dry skins and looks cakey. 

I really like PuroBio's idea of multifunctional cosmetics. I think that this brand fits perfectly into eco trends and as in any case you can find here gems, as well as worse products. 

Do you know PuroBio?  



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