24 October

Cosmetics from drugstores with a good composition — Alterra

When I was doing cleaning in cosmetics yesterday, I noticed that I have quite a few products from Alterra that do a great job in my daily care. Alterra cosmetics have good, natural compositions and are easily accessible – you can find them in Rossmann. If you are curious which Alterra products are my favorites, come read!

ALTERRA Shower Gel Sea Buckthorn Bio and Argan Oil Bio

How this gel smells beautiful! A beautiful fragrance isn't the end of its advantages, thanks to its creamy consistency, the gel doesn't dry out and doesn't irritate the skin. I usually try to use soaps in bar, but for the winter, when I have drier skin, this gel saves me. It has a very delicate, natural composition, and already on the second place in the composition we will find moisturizing glycerin. Its only drawback is that it does not foam, but it is through the use of very delicate detergents in the composition, so I am able to forgive him. :)

ALTERRA orange vegetable soap with natural orange oil

This is my favorite soap from the drugstore. It smells very nice with fresh sweet orange. It has an eco-friendly cardboard packaging and vegan composition. It washes well and is quite efficient. For that price, it's a hit!

ALTERRA shampoo cleansing activated carbon and Lemon Balm BIO

I use this shampoo to cleanse the scalp once in a while and despite the lack of sls it is great for this. After its use, the hair is reflected from the root and fresh. Shampoo has a gel, quite dense consistency and foams well.

ALTERRA mask for dry and damaged hair

I have been using this mask for years and I always come back from it!

This mask is great as a conditioner and as a mask, which is left for a long time. Every time very well moisturizes the hair. After using it, the hair looks beautiful, shiny and smooth. The mask has a beautiful smell and a dense consistency, which makes it very efficient.

ALTERRA oil for dry and brittle apricot seeds

It's a super oil for oiling hair. In its composition you will find apricot kernel oil, argan oil and sesame oil. The mixture of these oils well smoothes and nourishes the hair.

I usually apply it for 30 minutes before washing or for the whole night, or add a little to the mask, so it better relieves and smoothes the hair.

And what are your favorite cosmetics from Alterra?



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