30 September

My hair care routine | Natural & Vegan


I invite you to a post dedicated to my current hair care routine! I'll show you how I care about the hair and cosmetics I've been using lately.


Since being interested in zero waste, I've been a huge fan of shampoos in the bar. They are eco-friendly, take up little space and work great. I am currently using shampoo in bar from Isana. It foams great, washes the scalp perfectly and is quite efficient. Previously, I used shampoos from 4 starlings and Love Bar and they were also very good. I recently saw new shampoos from The Beauty Manufacture in the Rossmann app. I'm very interested and I'm sure I'll try them when I run out of these cubes. I hope they will be great.

I foaming shampoo in my hands with a little water and so the resulting foam I apply to the scalp, massage a moment and repeat the action. I usually wash my hair every second or third day.

Once a week or two I use a stronger shampoo to wash off excess cosmetics from my hair. Recently, it is a shampoo with charcoal from Alterra. Despite the lack of shampoo, it foams well and cleanses the scalp. It has a black color, but fortunately does not dye hair or bath.


I apply a conditioner or mask after each washing.

I must admit that I reach for hair masks more often than conditioners.

I really like the mask with moringa proteins from Ekos and the mask from Alterra! These masks perfectly smooth the hair, do not contain any silicones and have a natural composition. Hair after using them is fluffy, shiny and pleasing to the touch.

For several days he has been testing the conditioner in the bar from the Love Bar and it is quite good, although you need to get used to this type of product. I use it similarly to shampoo in the bar. I change hands and apply foam to the tips of the hair.

Hair after its use is easily combed and is pleasant to the touch. The conditioner gives them shine and smoothes them nicely.


Always after washing I apply oil on the hair.

Now I use an argan serum from Joanna.

The serum facilitates hair combing and protects it from external factors. It perfectly smoothes the hair, leaving it soft and shiny without excessive load. In addition, the essential oil smells pleasant and has a glass packaging, which rarely happens.


My hair care is primarily about oiling my hair. Regular oiling will give your hair a glow and strengthen it.

I try to apply oil to my hair once a week.

I usually apply aloevera gel oil with AA and wash it off after 30 minutes or leave it for the whole night.

If I have more time emulsifying it with conditioner, then wash off with shampoo.

During washing, I gently massage the scalp, and the foam that flows down the hair washes them. After shampoo, I put on a conditioner for a few minutes or when I have more time I put on a mask for 30 minutes. After washing, I squeeze excess water out of my hair into a cotton towel.

At the very end, I put a serum on my hair and dry it with a cold air or leave it to dry naturally.

If you want to see a video of my hair care, I invite you to Instagram :)

This is what my current hair care looks like. And how do you care about your hair? Do you focus on minimalism or do you make a hair spa?


Dorota :)

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