11 September

Fall essential oils blends

Autumn usually reminds me of rest, nostalgia and warm blankets. It's a time for me to spend more time at home. To make my cold evenings more pleasant, I gladly light candles or scented fireplaces at home and with a good show I wrap myself in a warm blanket.
In today's post I'll share with you my favorite oils blend for autumn, which will strengthen immunity, improve our humor or relax during an aromatic bath.

Warming orange

Sweet orange combined with a spicy clove aroma seasoned with a pinch of cinnamon is a fragrance that warms and relaxes on cool evenings.

Cinnamon oil - 2 drops

Orange oil - 5 drops

Clove oil - 2 drops

Autumn pumpkin pie

The aroma of ginger, nutmeg along with sweet cardamom will fill your homes with a cozy, warm atmosphere.

Cinnamon oil - 4 drops

Nutmeg oil - 2 drops

Clove oil - 4 drops

Sweet cider

This fragrance gently awakens the senses and evokes memories of fragrant hot apple pie and the warmth of the home atmosphere.

Cinnamon oil - 3 drops

Lemon oil – 2 drops

Essential Oil Cedar Tree – 2 drops

Warm vanilla

This sensual blend brings to mind warm, peaceful and homely evenings.

Vanilla oil – 4 drops

Orange oil - 2 drops

Cinnamon oil – 2 drops

Autumn forest

This fragrance will fill your home with a subtle forest note.

Lemon oil – 4 drops

Orange oil - 4 drops

Fir oil - 4 drops

Forest Walk

Thanks to this composition of aromas, you will feel the mood of walking in a coniferous fragrant forest.

Cypress oil – 4 drops

Pine oil - 2 drops

Spruce oil - 2 drops

I hope that these fragrances will make autumn evenings more pleasant for you. 😊



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