20 August

Marc Jacobs Coconut Collection | Vegan & Cruelty free

In today's post, I'll introduce you to the iconic coconut collection from Marc Jacobs Beauty. Some time ago on the Sephora website appeared sets from Marc Jacobs Beauty, small, exclusive cosmetics immediately caught my eye. I was a bit surprised and very pleased when it turned out that these products have vegan compositions! Of course Marc Jacobs Beauty is cruelty free And full-size cosmetics are also vegan. If you are wondering if cosmetics are worth the money, I invite you to continue the post!


Smoothing base under the foundation based on coconuts
Base-make-highlighter containing as many as five parts coconut (from pulp through milk to water), considered one of the so-called. superfoods (super foods) through which it moisturizes and nourishes the skin and smooths its surface. It is a product that refreshes the skin and perfectly prepares it for make-up.

My opinion:

This is one of my favorite bases. Silicon bases often emphasize dry skins or roll on my dry complexion, and this base looks good all day long. It smoothes the complexion nicely and moisturizes it well. The foundation on it looks healthy and lasts all day. The base has a very delicate smell of coconut, which, when applied, doesn't persist on the skin.


Your dream becomes a reality: makeup stays fresh all day long. The skin is healthy and moisturized, subtle and without gray effect. The lightweight formula leaves no traces after the application, gives a smooth, matte and delicate finish, instantly perpetuates makeup. The invisible creamy powder, enriched with 5 coconut forms and cocoa butter, discreetly blends into the skin and perpetuates make-up for the day. 

My opinion:

When I used this powder for the first time in the spring, I was a bit disappointed and put it to the bottom of the drawer. Unfortunately, then the powder looked a bit dry and emphasized dry skins. In the summer, I rediscovered it when cleaning the dressing table and decided to give him a second chance. It was a shot at 10! He brilliantly mated my complexion in the heat and smoothed it beautifully. However, I'm afraid that in the autumn it will be too dull and drying for me.


Gel highlighter with coconut The new highlighter instantly restores the complexion to shine. The universal shade of golden peach warms every complexion and creates a holiday look. A lightweight gel formula can be applied solo or combined with a make-up base, or with a primer. Dew Drops, based on coconut and provitamin B5, moisturizes the skin and gives a glowing finish.

My opinion:

Dew Drops highlighter is definitely the star of this collection. Its beautiful bright, golden color enchants from the first use. We can use it traditionally or as an addition to the base or foundation to give the complexion a highlight. The highlighter spreads easily and does not drizzled quickly, and the gaping gives the effect of the pane. Dew drops quickly became my favorite highlighter. Gives your complexion a healthy, natural look. Even on days without makeup applied with cream gives the complexion a healthy glow.

Marc Jacobs Beauty's coconut collection is fantastic and the miniatures are very efficient. I'd love to buy full-size base packaging and highlighter. If you want to get acquainted with this collection, I highly recommend Dew Drops, this highlighter perfectly complements the makeup. 

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