25 August

10 good series for the evening

In today's post I will share with you my favorite tv series. I hope you enjoy it. Feel good for further reading!:)


1.Silicon Valley 

 Distribution : HBO  
Studio: 3 Arts Entertainment / Judgemental  
Species : ComedyYears  
Years of broadcasting 2014 - 2019  

The series tells the story of a star-up - Pied Piper, which was founded by the main character Richard. Together with several other developers, he creates a file compression system. It is so innovative that it soon begins to attract the attention of tech giants. Each of them trumps offers and plots to take over Pied Piper. Parodies well-known big companies t.j. Google, Microsoft, Apple or Facebook. In addition, he makes great use of typical attitudes in this world, in addition, it shows what attitudes often prevail in him. On the one hand, we have a lot of humor, on the other hand, the whole picture of Silicon Valley is shown, and for dessert we have shown how business is conducted there and surprising twists and turns. The characters are very colorful, each of them is characterized by a very distinct interesting personality. This is one of those series that we want to follow from episode to episode. 




Distribution : Netflix previously FOX
Studio : Aggressive Mediocrity / DC Entertainment  
Species : Fantasy, Crime, Comedy  
Years of broadcasting : 2015 - currently  

The main character is none other than the Lord of Hell himself - Lucifer Morningstar. One day he begins to get bored with his duties and decides to leave hell to move to Los Angeles. There he opens his own nightclub. When it comes to the murder of a pop star, he decides to help the police in the murder case. Soon after, he decides to cooperate permanently with the authorities in order to be able to punish the murderers for their transgress. Lucifer's character is very intriguing and funny. The series looks at this fallen angel in a completely different light than we're used to knowing him. Although there are dozens of detective-themed murder sitcoms, I think it's quite unusual and much more interesting than CSI Miami. 

Distribution : HBO  
Studio : Hardy, Son & Baker  
Species: The Summer Drama  
Years of broadcasting: 2017  

The action of the show happens in 1814. James Keziah Delaney returns from Africa to London after ten years. He's still trying to get his father's business back. However, as is usually the case in life, it turns out to be quite a difficult task. His father's estate was taken over by the West India Company. The main character taboo decides to act against the companies, but he himself is involved in the conflict between England and America. There is a lot of mystery in the series, and the main thread progresses quite gradually. The action is constantly tense and uncertain. Story is really surprising and arousing strong emotions. Most of what we see on screen is about knowing the main character's motivation and who he is. Taboo is a well-thought-out series, with great creation and equally good acting. Especially in my memory was the character of the main character. In movies, tv series or games would be useful more such well-written characters as Delaney.  


4.Dragon Prince 

Distribution: Netflix  
Studio : Bardel Entertainment  
Species : Animation, Fantasy, Family  
Years of broadcasting : 2018 - currently  

The world of the show is located in a fantastic land called Xandria. Its styling refers to the middle ages in general. In this world there are six sources of magic - solar, lunar, stars, sky, earth and ocean. So-called primordian magic, which only elves can use. Folk magicians, on the other hand, specialize in the forbidden field of dark magic. It involves hunting for living creatures to use for their own purposes. Which leads to the outbreak of war between Xadia and the kingdoms of men. Two young princes and an elf killer discover a secret that can change everything. They decide to join forces and go together on an expedition to end the conflict. Visually, the animation is at a really high level, the characters perform great and the story, although predictable at times, is extremely addictive. This is an ideal series not only for children. I really watched it great and I regret that there are so few series in typical fantasy worlds. 



Distribution: Netflix  
Studio: Curiosity Company, The Netflix  
Species : Animation, Comedy, Adventure  
Years of broadcasting: 2018 - currently 

The action of the series takes place in a fictional fantasy world modeled on the broadly understood Middle Ages. It tells the adventures of a young non-party princess named Bean. This princess is accompanied by an elf named Elfo and sometimes confused with a cat demon named Luci. Bean doesn't want to put up with who he is. This leads to her opposition to her father. During their adventures, heroes encounter different creature m.in. Ogres, harpies, trolls and many slightly dumb people.  

 6.Man from the high castle 

Distribution: Amazon  
Studio: Amazon Studios  
Species: Thriller, Si-Fi  
Years of broadcasting: 2015 - 2019  

Act of the series takes place in an alternative version of the 60s of the last century. In the fact that the reality of the Axis states won World War II. They were the first to build an atomic bomb, which resulted in the conquering of Europe and the Americas. The U.S. was divided between the Reich and Japan, which made a big difference in American life. Somewhere in the background there is also a resistance movement, which tries to defeat the occupiers. 

7. 22.11.63 

Studio: Bad Robot / Warner Bros.  
TelevisionSpecies: Thriller, Si-Fi  
Years of broadcasting: 2016  

The main character of the show is Jake Epping feeling alone teacher. His ex-wife put his life together, while the novel he tried to write turned out to be poor. Then his friend, Al Templeton, shows him a secret time portal that led to the 1960s. Al asks Jake to prevent Kennedi's death. Unfortunately, changing the future turns out not as simple as it seemed.  


Studio : AMC Productions / AMC Studios / DC Entertainment  
Genre : Drama, Horror  
Years of broadcasting: 2016 - 2019  

Serial tells the story of preacher Jessi Custer, who in some circumstances gains the gift of commanding anyone who has a soul. Over time, the gift becomes his curse, along the way he meets the vampire Cassidi, who decides to join him. Over time, Tulip joins them jeesi's ex-girlfriend. The three of heroes decides to find God to clarify a few issues. 


9. Kominsky Method 

Distribution: Netflix  
Studio: Chuck LorreProductions / Netflix 
Species : Comedy
Years of Broadcasting : 2018 - 2019

 Series tells the story of the once famous actor Sandy Kominsym and his agent Norman Newlander. Two elderly gentlemen are constantly on the obstacles that life puts them in Los Angeles, yet they can cleverly get out of it. The series has a really great humor and offers a large dose of great fun. In contrast, the starring roles will see Michael Dauglas and Alan Arkin. 


10.The Good Place  

Studio : NBC Entertainment / 3 Arts Entertainment / Fremulon  
Species : Comedy  
Years of broadcasting : 2016 - 2020 

 Serial begins when a young Eleonor Shellstrop dies in a car accident. Immediately after that, he wakes up in the so-called. Good place. It is a town where good people come after death. The woman discovers that she should go to the wrong place. Nevertheless, he decides not to say anything about it and 

adjust to this place.  

Do you know any of these series?  
Patryk :) 

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