21 April

Vegan Beauty Products Empties #4

 Today we have for you another portion of cosmetic empties. You will find most natural cosmetics and quite a lot of Polish brands. A few products that we used turned out to be hits, although some of them disappointed us. Welcome to the rest of the post!                                                                                                                               

Vegan Beauty Products Empties #4   

 Cafe Mimi Washing Mousse Mousse Face

Dorota: I mentioned Washing Mousse Mousse Face from the cafe mimi in this post. The mousse doesn't dry out the skin and cleanses the skin well. For this it has a fantastic price and a delicate composition. Since I consumed it, I haven't changed my mind about it and I'd love to buy another pack. :)

The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Eye Cream & Mouth

Dorota: In turn, the eye cream from The Body Shop was included in this post about favorites.
The cream well moisturizes the surrounding eyes and doesn't irritate them and in addition quickly absorbs. It's placed in a package with an air-less pump, which keeps it fresh and we can use it for the last drop.   

Face cream for night Ziaja Cleansing manuka leaves

Dorota: This cream consumed Patryk and I think it will be more suited to mixed complexion. The cream has micro exfoliating properties and quite well copes with dry skins, however, I prefer for the night regenerating, more contenty creams.

Patryk: The cream had a pleasant smell and quickly absorbed. When I used it I had less imperfections and hydrated complexion.

Vegan Beauty Products Empties #4   

Alterra Soap 

Dorota: These are our favorite soaps from the drugstore! They have eco cardboard packaging that can be recycled, smell scented beautifully and don't dry out the skin.

Patryk: This soap smells nice, naturally smells. It doesn't dry out the skin and foam well.

Baby Dream Seife soap 

Dorota: This soap also has eco packaging and doesn't dry out the skin. It seems to me that it's a little more efficient than the soap from Alterra. The only thing that can interfere with it's the smell, if you don't like cosmetics with a typical smell for young children. It doesn't bother me and i usually buy soap if my favorite is taken out. :)

Vegan Beauty Products Empties #4   

Alterra Sensitive shampoo and shower gel 2in1

Dorota: I have already written about this gel several times. This gel has a delicate composition and doesn't contain fragrances, so it doesn't irritate and dry the skin. We usually use it for washing hair, but also great for washing the body or face.

Patryk: I use this gel to wash my hair and body. Thanks to him, my hair is well laid out and weaned away from the head.

Facelle aloe liquid

Dorota: This product also has a good, delicate composition. The gel performs its functions well, doesn't irritate the skin in delicate surroundings, is cheap and efficient. I also like to use it to wash my hair, body or face. Its packaging is made of quite hard plastic, so it's worth pouring it into a package with a pump.

Vegan Beauty Products Empties #4   

Laq Melon Shower Gel

Dorota: It's another great shower gel! It has a great composition, doesn't dry out the skin and smells beautiful. In addition, it has a package with a pump, which looks beautiful in the bathroom. :)

Patryk: This gel has a good composition and a nice smell. Its packaging stands out from others.

 Biobase Body & Hair 3W1 Shower Gel

Dorota: This gel has a fresh, herbal, relaxing fragrance and natural, delicate composition. It foams well, and the extracts and proteins contained in it nurture the skin and hair.
Its only drawback is the pump, which sometimes stutters.

Vegan Beauty Products Empties #4   

Soap Four Starlings, Shampoo 

Dorota: This is my favorite shampoo in bar! It's great foaming and the hair after its use is fresh longer. In addition, it's super efficient! It's enough for 3-4 months.

Patryk: It's also my favorite shampoo. Great foam and has a nice smell. It washes off the lipstick well from the hair, and after its use, the hair is easy to comb.

Joanna Naturia Shampoo with nettle and green tea

Dorota: This shampoo has a strong composition, I use it once in a while to cleanse the scalp. Shampoo has a gel yelness and a fresh smell. It cleanses the skin well and gives a sense of freshness.

Vegan Beauty Products Empties #4   

Ziaja, GdanSkin, Marine Hair Conditioner

Dorota: This conditioner can be found from a post with 8 cosmetics for less than 5 €. I really like it, although I usually use products without silicones. Hair shines beautifully after its use, is soft and nice to the touch and is great. I would be happy to buy it and would be very happy if Ziaja released her version in a larger package, unfortunately it only has 100 ml.

 WEN by Chaz Dean Sweet Almond Mint Re Moist Hair Treatment

Dorota: I really like Wen cosmetics, they work well on my hair. The hair mask is well suited for wavy or curly hair, smoothes them nicely and moisturizes them. The mask has a good composition - the first ingredient is aloe juice, it also contains makadamia oil and rosemary, cherries, chamomile or neem extract.

Bielenda, Botanic Spa Rituals, Dyed Hair Conditioner

Dorota: Unfortunately, I didn't like this conditioner. It's quite expensive and I didn't notice that the hair after its use was smooth or shiny. After using it, it was difficult for me to comb my hair. It's a pity, because it has a cool, natural composition.

Do you know these cosmetics? 

Dorota and Patryk

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