29 April

DIY Fizzy bath powder


Have you ever used a bath powder? It's very similar to a bath bombs, but much easier to make. It also smoothes the skin and it sparkles in water.
If you add a colored dye to it, it will color the water. You will find a recipe for it below. 😊

Diy fizzy Bath Powder


 • baking soda - 8 tbsp
 • citric acid - 4 tbsp
 • potato strach - 4 tbsp
 • sea salt - 4 tbsp
 • oil (I used almond oil) - 1 tbsp
 • favorite essential oil (I used orange ) - 10 drops
 • dye or mica for the color - optional


• Pour dry ingredients into a bowl and mix thoroughly.
• add oil and essential oil
• mix until there are no lumps
• add dye / mica and mix
• put the powder into a jar and that's all. It's Ready! 😊

Add 4-5 tablespoons of powder to the bath.
The powder is best used in a month.

Have a nice bath! 


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