27 April

10 games for quarantine

 The epidemic doesn't forgive, we are all probably already tired of it. To make this period more pleasant, I decided to prepare a list of computer games, which are worth playing at this difficult time. :) In this post, you'll find a list of titles that I hope you will like. All of them have nice graphics, interesting mechanics and even a spirited plot for long hours :)!                                                                                     

1.Bomber Crew 

Producer: Runner Duck
Publisher: Curvie Digital
Release date: 19.10.2017
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Mintendo Switch, Xbox one, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, Mac OS

Bomber Crew combines the simulation genre and strategy game with RPG elements. It takes on the role of commander of a World War II bomber. This is runner duck's debut project.

The gameplay is divided into two parts. The first is our base, where we recruit new recruits. Recruits are promoted and thus more effective in battle as they progress. Each recruit has unique abilities and some small details. We'll recruit m.in. Pilots, shooters, mechanics, etc. We can also take care of the equipment of our subordinates by buying money from the mission more and more interesting uniform. It's worth remembering that when one of them dies during the task, death remains irreversible. For the funds raised, we can also improve our bomber with better and better armor or weapons. You can also change it tone and even give it your own logo. :) 

The second part of the game is action in the air. In this section we manage the crew, fuel resources and take part in the fight against the enemy. A cool assessment of the situation as well as a skillful fight against the enemy determines the successful achievement of the mission goal. After shelling the enemy, we can throw bombs at targets or take intelligence photos. It is worth noting that we should be vigilant from the moment of take-off of the bomber until its landing.

Although the game shows the subject of war quite seriously and is a kind of tribute to bomber crews, it is a nice 3D drawing graphic in pastel colors. The dynamic damage system is also noteworthy. For example, falling engines or punching plating determine the condition of our aircraft. 

In addition to the original and optional campaigns from the add-on, the game also has an arcad mode in which we have to survive for as long as possible.

For those who like action, some management and quick thinking as well as war climates is a must! :)


Manufacturer: Shiro Games
Publisher: Shiro Games
Release date:07.03.2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Mintendo Switch, Xbox one, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, Mac OS

Northgard is a real-time strategy game (RTS) set in the world of Scandinavian mythology. The game was created by the French studio Shiro Games. We run our Viking clan to dominate a mysterious land called Northgard.

One of the aspects that distinguish this position from other RTS games is survival elements or provincial acquisition. The action of the game is located in the far north, so the creators came up with the idea that the raw materials we collect (wood, food, gold) not only used to expand our village. The raw materials obtained are consumed by our citizens, for example. Firewood. In winter, their consumption increases, which makes production less. 

There may be situations where our raw materials are negative, then our subjects can starve or even freeze. An additional factor that we need to take care of is the satisfaction of our subjects. They don't like it when there are too many of them, or if we have too many injured. We have the opportunity to expand the fame of our clan, so that the settlers are a little happier. The more famous our clan, the higher the title we get up which translates into better and better perks for the clan. We can also acquire so-called folklore or science so that our clan learns new survival techniques. We also need to beware of natural hazards t. j. plague, fires, etc. It is also important that we take care of the security of our borders in the event of an external attack. So we need to create a stable economy so that we can run bumps and defend ourselves against these threats.

 Before we begin to expand our borders, we still need to build a reconnaissance camp and recruit scouts that will explore nearby lands. We run the supports with the help of our wojaków which we obtain from training camps. All we have to do is direct the settler to the training camp and spend the right amount of gold ( if we have them ;) and this one will take on the weapon.  There are no large-scale battles here, they are limited to clashes between small groups of woas. 
There are several types of units in the game, and each clan has its own heroes with unique skills. We can send units to conquer a nearby province. Provinces are protected by mythical monsters or wild animals. Sometimes provinces have treasures protected by different creatures. We can find neutral factions in them that can be destroyed or covenanted with them so they can join us. So it's worth preparing properly before such an expedition and reflect on the order of conquests, as this can translate into the economics of our settlement. You can also conquer the provinces of other clans or try to get along with them through trade.

Each province has different capabilities. In some we can build camps hunters in others are farmland and sometimes forests. For example, in forests, wood production is higher than normal. On the other hand, we can produce food for example. In farmland. It is worth noting here that idle settlers themselves will collect food no matter what field they will be. Nevertheless, in special fields, this production will be higher if we build a suitable building and allocate a settler to it. Sometimes some provinces contain special resources, stones or iron. To obtain them you need to build a mine and as usual allocate a citizen. With the help of stones, we can improve buildings, and thanks to iron we have the opportunity to recruit special units and improve the equipment of the army (teams) or subordinates. 

In Northgard we have four types of victories through domination, trade, folklore, or conquest. It is up to us to take the path. Nevertheless, it's worth noting here that each clan plays differently. One clan will be better to fight, and another to trade which does not mean that we can not come up with our own tactics of playing each of them. ;) 

The game is constantly being developed, from time to time the creators add new updates containing a lot of news. After the new content, new clans are added. Each clan, including the basic ones, is diverse and balanced with each other. It's worth noting here that Northgard has a nice bit of comic 3D graphics in isometric throw, which some associate with the series The Settlers. 

In the game we also have an available campaign that is an introduction to the game, as well as multiplayer mode.

If you like vikings and their myths, unusual strategies, and survival as much as possible is a game for you I recommend ;)!

3.Ancestors Legacy

Manufacturer: Destructive Creations
Publisher: 1C/ Cenega
Release date: 22.05.18r
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

   Another real-time strategy list. Ancestors Legacy is a game by the Polish studio Destructive Creations. The action of the game was set in the realities of the Middle Ages.

What distinguishes this position from others in its species is the fact that we don't direct individual units here, but branches. The departments vary depending on the faction and skills and weapons, some have arches other swords, etc. An important part of the game is tactics. We need to know which unit works better on another, we have the ability to hide our troops and conduct surprise attacks. 

Another interesting thing to mention is that our actions are influenced by factors such as weather, time of day, or terrain. Each faction has different bonuses and cons of action in a given weather. For example, Anglo-Saxons have a shorter viewing range at night. 

 An important aspect of the game is to capture villages on the map. Villages provide us with raw materials thanks to which we have the opportunity to improve the weapons of branches, build more buildings, or probably feed our villages. Our settlements can be improved with defensive towers and tell the villagers what to bring out. It's worth noting here that our opponents also move around the map and occupy villages so we should prevent them from doing so. 

I mentioned the factions above. There are five of them, namely Slavs, Anglo-Saxons, German, Vikings and Saracens. Each faction has its own advantages and disadvantages and unique skills. Each of them has its own unique historical leaders. The proper use of an advantage and the disadvantages of the enemy can sometimes accept our victory. 

After standard in-game skirmishes, campaigns for each faction and even multiplayer are also available. The game also has a great graphics engine Unreal Engine 4. Making the battles look extremely spectacular, especially in camera cinema mode. 

If you like the Middle Ages, the blood you are interrible, and you like the old art of war, it's a game for you! :)

4.Tooth and Tail

Manufacturer: Pocketwatch Games
Publisher: Pocketwatch Games
Release date: 12.09.17r
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows

Tooth and Tail features pixel-art graphics, and combines arcade and strategic elements. 

The game is happening in an alternative version of the revolution of the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, in which we have animal conflicts stylized for those of that period. Several factions that consist of different animal species participate in battles. 

At first glance, in terms of mechanics, everything looks quite typical. So we collect resources, expand the base, and fight. The expansion of the base consists in improving half in the circle of the mill. These fields provide us with the food that is needed to recruit units. However, food is limited, because deposits run out quite quickly, which forces us to constantly expand. We are generated randomly so that it plays differently every time.

 What looks different here is that we don't give orders directly to the troops. Here he plays an animal commander, who with the help of a banner, who wields indicates the next places for construction and where units of the type are to move. The control here is also different. Since we play only one character we control it WSAD'em, while the mouse we recall guns, indicate what to do and set places for construction.  

The game is designed to be fast intense and action-packed. Tooth and Tail graphic style refers to games from the 90's. The boards are two-dimensional, and in the background they play classic folk songs.

The game offers a story campaign, as well as mulitiplayer matches (online and on a split screen). Gameplay usually lasts from a few to several minutes.

If you like the period of industry between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, motifs with animals instead of humans, fast action and pixel art i recommend it! :) 


5.Anno 1404 

Developer: Realted Designs
Publisher: Ubisoft
Release date: 25.06.09r
Plaforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS

Anno 1404 is the fourth installment of the well-known series of strategic and economic games. In it we lead a group of colonists who reached the eastern coasts of Asia. The game was set in the realities of the early 15th century.

We start the game on the ship, which we need to sail to the island where we will set up the settlement. Once we find the right coast remains to settle and erect the port. The key to victory is to transform a small colony into a life-filled metropolis. To do this, we need to skillfully create a production chain. For example, first we build a warehouse then farmland and mill then the baker's hut so that he could make bread from flour made from cereals. Then the warehouseman picks up bread to our composition. Of course, this is just an example of such a production chain. We must also fulfill the wishes of the colonists and balance our production chains accordingly, create trade routes and colonize other islands in order to import different goods into our colony. Over time, we can create our own military, build merchant and military fleets. In all this, we must pay attention to our funds and taxes. 

An important aspect of the game are side tasks from independent figures and diplomacy. On the map we can meet other opponents and several independent factions. Good relations with others allow trade to flourish and access to oriental goods. For the completed task we get the so-called. Reputation points through which we can get access to buildings that enable development in the orien, as well as gold or raw materials that can help us grow. We also have the opportunity to wage wars, but i recommend these only as a last resort ;)

There is also a single-player campaign and a sandbox mode in which there are no top-down goals and we will do depend on ourselves. With progress, in any of the modes we get rewards eg. Symbols for our colony, new colors, optional buildings.

The game has as of today a nice graphic design. Trees bend from the wind, materials wave in the wind, there are waves on the water and very nice light reflections. After the forests, animals are bushing, we see how colonists work, and even we can admire how the city is bustling with life. Citizens stroll through talks, etc. 

You can write a lot about the advantages and mechanics of this game. So I decided to tell about it very generally :) So if you have the soul of the explorer, like the old days, and you have a knack for trade and management check yourself! :D

6.Torchlight II

Developer: Runic Games
Publisher: Runic Games
Release date: 20.09.1012 from 3.09.19r to per PC
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Ninitendo Switch, Microsoft Windows

Torchlight II is the second part of the 2009 "Torchlight" hack'n'slash. The game is created by people who worked on the already iconic Diablo.

Before you start playing, we create your own hero. We choose from one of the four classes. Barbarian, Hunter and Engineer. Each class has different abilities, but the character can be developed in several paths. Next, we choose gender and appearance and choose the pet that will accompany us. 

Once we have finished the character creation and named it, then we are thrown into a semi-open world that is partially randomly generated. The plot isn't too inlet, but it gives advice. Nevertheless, in this species it isn't the most important. The world is characterized by changing weather conditions or a cycle of day and night, which fills quite well on the climate of the whole. As we traverse it, we will fight with tons of enemies to develop the hero, and find more and more occasional weapons with various statistics. Sometimes we will find the side tasks behind the main story axis, visit the caves, fight with powerful bosses and find not a single treasure. In the game we have the opportunity to trade with independent characters and it's possible to fish.

A novelty in part two is the co-op mode where instead of alone we can traverse the world with someone else and knock out hordes of opponents. When we finish the game we have the opportunity to test ourselves on the new game plus. 

Torchlight II has a great fairytale setting, it's a game rich in a variety of solid-looking animations, really diverse equipment, and various opponents.

If you like to develop your own character, fight hordes of enemies, discover secrets it is for you! :)

7.Batman Arkham Knight

Developer: Rockstedy Studios
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertaiment 
Release date: 23.06.15r
Platforms: PlayStation 4, XboX One, Microsoft Windows

Batman Arkham Knight is the fourth installment of the action series with the bat in the lead role. Batman's old opponent is back, causing a lot of confusion, causing the city to evacuate. The situation is decided by all opponents of Batman.

This is an Action game from a third-person perspective (TPP). Mechanics are reminiscent of the one we could get to know in earlier installments of the series. As in previous parts we explore the game world, solve puzzles, beat criminals and find optional activities, etc. Still, there were some interesting news.. We can knock our opponents to the ground, and even those weaker opponents can be demanding. Another novelty relative to the previous parts is the Batman vehicle or Batmobil.With the help of the Batmobile you can fire enemies using rockets, or catapult to start soaring right away. It is worth noting here that the action of the game was located in the center of Gotham. Although it is the same center, it is quite a large area for exploration.  

The game was created on the Unreal Engine, character models and textures perform well. The city of Gotham itself fits perfectly with its comic counterpart. New to the previous ones is a more advanced physics and rendered on the game engine cut scenes.

Anyway, if you like a lot of action, Batman, Superheroes no. more Batman :D it's safe to reach for this title :)!


Manufacturer: the first diva parts of Vigil Games from part three of Gunfire Games and then AirShip Syndicate
Publisher: initially THQ Inc. Then THQ Nordic
Release Date: Part. I - 06.01.10r Part II - 14.08.12r part III - 27.11.18r and Spinoff - 05.12.19r
Plus two re-releases part. I - 22.11.16r and Part II. - 27.10.15r
Plaforms: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, WiiU

Darksiders is a series of action adventure games with RPG elements from the perspective of TTP. The series was launched in 2010. The plot was based on the biblical book of Revelation, known as the Apocalypse of St. John. John. The main bochaters of the series refer to the four Riders of the Apocalypse, the background for the action is m.in. Destroyed the world of people ravaged by the war between angels and demons. The series was started by comic book creator Joe Madureira. He previously wrote m.in comics about X-Men'ach. 

In each installment, the player takes on the role of another Apocalypse Rider, who with the help of magic and a large arsenal of weapons is measured against the hosts of the enemy praz with bosses. In front of the Riders are demons, angels, masts resembling humans, beasts resembling animals, and even huge bosses. Each part of the open world, which we can explore and solve in it various puzzles. The player can also equip the character with better equipment and teach new skills. The game also offers an interesting storyline and interesting npcs. 

The game is maintained in a rather stylish 3D setting reminiscent of comics. Objects are large and nicely executed, the action is filled with great effects and animations. It also has a great atmospheric soundtrack.

For those of you who want to feel a little strength, beat some demons or angels, or have a soul in them to adventure i really recommend ;)!

9.For Honor

Manufacturer: UbiSoft/ Blue Byte GmbH
 Publisher: UbiSoft 
Release date: 14.02.17r
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

For Honor is a action game TPP set by the realities of quasi - medieval, an important aspect of it is multiplayer mode.

 We have several game modes m.in at our disposal, 1 vs 1 duels, battles, assaults, etc. In total, in the game we have twelve playable characters, during the match each team has four players. The characters we are using are much more powerful than soldiers on the battlefield. They are the ones who weigh on the fate of the battles we are fighting.

 An important role in the game is played by the clash of white weapons. These clashes are done with great care. We can indicate the page of the attack and the page from which we block the incoming blow. Although the realities are quite contractual, each faction has a fighting style that perfectly reflects their historical spirit. We can also use special skills on the battlefield. For example, we can indicate the firing point of catapults.

After the multiplayer mode in the game there is a campaign that, despite the average storyline, prepares us well for clashes with other players. After that, it aims to familiarize us with the laws that govern this world and what it looks like.

The game presents a great graphic level, hellishly good combat animations. Maps are very colorful and nicely made, and battles present a very high level.

It's one of those positions where the fight, team cooperation, and proper mastery of the character goes hand in hand, so if such a thing suits you I recommend :)

10.The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt

Manufacturer : CD Projekt RED
Publisher : CD Projekt RED
Release date: 19.05.15r and 15.10.19r on Switch 
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch

The Witcher 3 is the third edition of games based on the prose of Andrzej Sapkowski. I recommend you start with the earlier games, and if not you can read the summary of the plot of the ones and twos ;) Really worth it! So far, it's one of the best games combining action with RPG and scenario for over 100h and even 250h fun. It's also one of the most award-winning games ever with over 800 awards.

The game world is divided into several lands, each of which is shown in the smallest detail. We have swamps, forests, mountains, big cities, villages. Each land has a great atmosphere until you want to slow down for a while to watch the world. It's a very nice world, filled with details, but also dangerous. Noteworthy is a well-composed soundtrack that perfectly fits the world of the Witcher. Every character we meet, even the most inconspicuous, has its own history as much as the places we visit. Even simply finding the treasure to see if the destruction of the habitat of monsters is robbed of a story. The game world is really big and filled with content to the brim.

The Witcher 3 is a game that has a climate pouring out of the screen, not only in terms of building the world but also characters about which I wrote a little above. The characters are very colorful, each has their own story to say and a look at different things. It doesn't matter if it's a character that's relevant to the story or not. Therefore, every task we get is worth doing because each is done very carefully and has something interesting to tell. It is worth mentioning here that the world is also full of intrigue and dirty and quite ununilateral policy of rulers.

Dialogues with independent characters are really great. They even have a film shell. In them you can see the acting game at a great level and emotions. During the dialogues, we learn about the world in which we are, obtain information about tasks, solve problems, and set out how the fate of this story will turn out. The story is written in such a way that we need to approach it more than once.

The mechanics of the game after dialogue also has a lot to offer. We can collect resources, improve our gutters, infind new ones, create potions with different properties, develop a character, and fight monsters. The main character of geralt can use magic, crossbow, and that he is the Witcher is doing great with the sword. Sword fighting requires mastery and a bit of tactics, but it is realized really spectacularly. Geralt instantly does cuts, pirouettes, etc. We also have the ability to move horses, and since the world is really big, I recommend this option.

The Witcher 3 is a role model for other games that combine action with an RPG. In terms of mechanics, as well as content and visually, it still leaves competitions far behind. The game has two more additions with an equally intriguing history and interesting places. If you haven't played any part of Geralt's adventures in Rivia so far, I sincerely envy you, because it's the only unique experience. So stock up on the horse and adventure! Recommend! :)

I hope that the above titles will go to your tastes. :)


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