24 March

My favorite makeup brushes | Vegan & Cruelty free

My favorite makeup brushes | Vegan & Cruelty free

Today I invite you to a post showing my favorite makeup brushes.
I think good brushes make it easier to do your makeup, especially blending shadows or bronzer. In this post, I will show you the brushes that I reach for most often and are perfect for everyday makeup. I hope you'll find something that will interest you.


My favorite makeup brushes | Vegan & Cruelty free

UltraPlush Professional Vegan Brush, Small Rounded Face 

After this brush I reach every day, it's super soft. By its rounded shape and size, I like to use it most for powder, although brushes in such a shape will also be great for bronzer. It has scattered bristles, so it doesn't apply too much product and doesn't make any stains.


It's an egg-shaped brush, which making it very versatile. The brush has soft, delicate bristles. It's suitable for highlighter, blush, contouring or setting skin under the eyes. This brush has to be in my daily makeup, you can find it in this post about favorites.

My favorite makeup brushes | Vegan & Cruelty free

For Your Beauty Contouring Brush

This brush is double-sided, one side is poohed and cut in a pin and the other is flat and cut straight. The pooh part is great for contouring or blush. The brush rubs the products well, and its bristles don't fall out and doesn't deform. The other side, I like to use for contouring the nose or cleaning up the bronzer lines.

E.l.f. Powder Blurring Brush

Despite the name, I like to use this brush for contouring or creamy products, although it also performs well as a foundation brush. Its rounded sides help to distribute the product evenly and the compacted bristles well paste the product into the skin.

My favorite makeup brushes | Vegan & Cruelty free
Sense & Body, Girls Best Friend, Special Task Brush 

This brush is a total HIT, suitable for powder and creamy products, it's affordable and really multitasking. It can be applied a primer, cream blush or bronzer, as well as powder products and when you hold the bristles with your fingers even highlighter. The brush has soft bristles and beautifully rubs every product.

Ecotools Wonder Color Finish Brush 

Brushes from Ecotools are of very good quality, and the company takes care of ecology and uses biodegradable bamboo tree and recycled aluminum for their production. This brush works best for me to contour wet. It has compacted dense, bristles, and its shape is helping to distribute the product evenly.


My favorite makeup brushes | Vegan & Cruelty free

For Your Beauty Shadow and concealer brush

It's another two-sided brush. On the one hand you find a poohbrush for blending shadows and on the other hand, angle concealer brush. I have to admit that I use the shadow side more often than to the concealer. It isn't bad, but I prefer to apply the concealer with a sponge. Both brushes are soft and nice to the touch. I use a shadow brush most often to apply bronzer to the eyelid when I'm in hurry, or to rub the first shadow in the eyelid. It isn't super precise, but it's useful for blurring the boundaries of shadows.

 For Your Beauty set 2 precision eye brushes

In this set you'll find more precise brushes. One narrow type "skunks" and the other forging. The first has bristles of different lengths and is formed into the shape of a cone, which makes it perfectly rubbed shadows (especially those darker colors in the outer part of the eye). In turn, the puppet brush is compacted and good to the lower lash line or smudging the eye pencil on the eyelid. I also use it to illuminate the corners of the eye.
My favorite makeup brushes | Vegan & Cruelty free

Maestro 231, liquid concealer brush

It's a very precise brush, in the shape of a very narrow ball. It's great for highlighting under the eyebrow or cover imperfections. The brush is very durable.

Maestro 660, Eyebrow Brush

This brush will work for eyebrows and for eyeliner. It's very thin and I've been looking for such a precise brush for a long time. It can be drawn with a sharp and thin line.
My favorite makeup brushes | Vegan & Cruelty free

For Your Beauty Brush for Concealer

It's a typical concealer brush. I like to use it most to light up the skin under the eyebrows or to improve the shape of shadows if I distribute them too far.

Nyx Pro Angled Eyeliner Brush

The Nyx brush has a bent tip, making it easy to paint straight lines. It's smooth and slightly pointed. It's not that precise as a brush from Maestro, but it's great for slightly thicker dashes.
My favorite makeup brushes | Vegan & Cruelty free

Girls Best Friend Shadow Blending Brush

It's another brush from Girls Best Friends and another Hit! It's super soft and fluffy. It's great for blending shadows in eyelid collapse, as well as for applying a highlighter.

Essence, Eyebrow Brush

The Essence brush surprised me with quality.. It was very caffordable, and it's really decent. It's narrow and has quite hard bristles. It's well suited for eyebrows and rubbing eye pencils to make eyeliner. I also like to use it to apply henna to the eyebrows.
My favorite makeup brushes | Vegan & Cruelty free

HEBE PROFESSIONAL E05 brush for blurping the boundaries between shadows

Using this brush you'll create a very nice blur of color, without the need for strong rubbing. It has a slightly pointed shape that facilitates the exact blurring of the shadow in the refraction. It's super soft and certainly exceeds the quality of its low price.

 HEBE PROFESSIONAL E06 smokey eyes brush

This brush is as good as the previous one. Shortly trimmed and flattened bristles allow perfect rubbing of shadows and crayons at the base of the eyelashes. It is equally well suited for painting the lower lash line.

And what are your favorite brushes?


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