10 February

Vegan Hair Dye Herbatint FF3 Plum

Vegan Hair Dye Herbatint FF3 Plum

If you like cosmetics with natural composition, today's review will surely interest you. Herbatint hair dye once appeared on the blog when I described shade ash blonde. Thanks to my mom, Today I prepared for you a review of the color FF3 Plum.
Vegan Hair Dye Herbatint FF3 Plum

Manufacturer's description:
Herbatint – natural, herbal, durable hair dye. 40 years of experience allowed to develop a unique recipe, thanks to which a harmonious combination of a minimum amount of chemicals with plant and herbal extracts was obtained. The result is hair dye, which not only gently and permanently dyes your hair, but also nourishes it, protects and nurtures

No ammonia, parabens, rheorcin, heavy metals, alcohol, SLS, gluten.

The recipe is based on herbal extracts and proteins, ammonia harmful to hair tissue has been replaced with rosemary, quinoa and walnut shell to gently release the dye. Strongly reduced chemical components make Tea  intethete suitable for people prone to allergies and people paying special attention to the safety and good condition of the hair.

It doesn’t destroy hair, gives a natural glow and shine.

Vegan Hair Dye Herbatint FF3 Plum
The packaging of the paint is simple and minimal, you can see on it a shade of dye, a sign about the lack of gluten, fsc certificate and peta bunny. In the box you find a tube with coloring cream, a bottle of emulsion, conditioner, shampoo, gloves instructions.

Vegan Hair Dye Herbatint FF3 Plum
The hair dye has a gel texture that is easily distributed. It is efficient (my mom uses up one pack for long hair), has a delicate composition and doesn’t irritate the scalp.
After rinsing the dye, the hair are soft and doesn’t tangle.

Vegan Hair Dye Herbatint FF3 Plum
Before & After

The dye covers gray hair well and the color persists well on them. The color  after dyeing is slightly darker, but over time it will wash out. The effect usually lasts for about 1-2 months. Red pigments have it to themselves that they more easily wash out of the hair, so I think it's a very good result.  The hair is shiny and smooth, the dye hasn’t dried or destroyed them.

What hair dye do you use?


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