06 February

10 things we don't buy anymoore


 Recently, we talked with Patrick about the ecological changes that we have implemented and what else we can improve. By the way, we touched on the topic of healthy minimalism and came up with an idea for an interesting post. Today we will tell you about 10 things we don't buy anymoore. We hope this article will inspire you to make small changes! 😊


Newspapers and colorful magazines were once very popular, but in the age of the Internet they go into oblivion. We definitely prefer to read articles on websites than to buy a newspaper, which we will read once and throw away. An additional plus of online articles is quick access to information that will pass some time before they are printed.


Plastic shopping bags

When we go shopping, we take a cotton bag from the closet, in which we keep other bags. We put it always in the same place, which quickly became our habit. If you are shopping by car it is worth having a few bags  in the trunk. We also try to have one net in a backpack or bag, you never know if it won’t be useful.  😊


New clothes

We rarely buy clothes, usually as they break down and can no longer be fixed. As a rule, we exchange clothes with friends or buy clothes second hand. We try to choose good quality materials (mostly cotton and linen) and make the best of taking care of clothes.


Iwear too much jewelry,and my collection is quite modest. I like to focus on quality and minimalism. My jewelry is versatile, so I can combine it into different sets, suitable for any occasion, and that's enough for me.


CDs (Movies, Games, Music)

We haven’t had any DVD or CD drives for a long time. All games and songs, we buy on dedicated platforms (Steam,  Spotify,  etc.).  And we watch movies on HBO GO, Amazon Prime or Netflix.



We have a TV at home, but not a cable. As we wrote earlier movies and series we watch on HBO GO, etc. This is a much cheaper solution, and in addition, we can also use it on a computer or tablet. You can subscribe to these platforms for as long as you want, we change subscriptions depending on the premier series. 😊



We usually rent books from the library or read ebooks. Libraries in Gdansk are well equipped and often have new, popular titles. Sometimes we also get books as a gift, these are readings for which we know that we’ll reach more than once.

Drinks in plastic bottles

We have glass and metal bottles at home, which we always take with us to work, for lectures or for a walk. On colder days, we pour warm tea or coffee into them and in summer usually filtered water. Not only is this ecological solution very economical. Buying water every day in a plastic bottle on average seems 30-60 pln per month!

Takeaway coffee

It doesn't take a long time to make coffee at home, and it will save you standing in line. In addition, it’s much cheaper and beneficial for the environment. We definitely prefer to go from the café to a social meeting, than to receive hot coffee on the run.

Cosmetic cotton swashes

I replaced the cosmetic swathes. They are used the same, they are equally gentle on the skin, and after use it’s enough to wash them in a washing machine. In addition, I use a makeup remover cloth, which washing off makeup with water or you can use it like a muslin cloth after cleansing the complexion with oils.

Without what items do you get around?

Dorota & Patryk 😊

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