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Top 10 Most Exciting Environmental Stories

Top 10 Most Exciting Environmental Stories
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2019 was important for ecology. There have been many positive things that will change our lives and perhaps the fate of our planet. Therefore, I decided to list a few of them, and encourage you to continue to go in this direction in 2020  😊 

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            Zero Waste Philosophy

It’s worth starting with the fact that it was a fantastic year for this zero waste philosophy, which became one of the hottest topics of 2019. There were plenty of publications, books, social media and industry statements. Thanks to the message of this philosophy appeared many reusable products, people began carrying their own cups to cafes or shoppingbags. Thanks to this initiative, garbage no longer has been as serious a social problem as before.
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            Removing pacific garbage  "The Ocean CleanUp"

As we are already on the topic of dealing with garbage, it’s worth mentioning the bayan  Slata foundation program of a 25-year-old from the Netherlands who declared war a garbage dump the size of the US. The programme aims to catch waste networks then transport them ashore to use them for reuse and the revenue sought to further develop this ambitious project. He tells such a frame with a mesh is 610 meters. So far, 60 bags of garbage have been collected, according to the originator in 5 years the garbage island will halve. I think it's a great idea and shows that you don't have to represent any government or be rich to create something that gives you hope for a better tomorrow, sometimes just a little self-initiative and self-denial.  😉  

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   European Union will ban plastic

The new European Union provision on the prohibition of plastic cups, cutlery or straws as well as many other disposable items made of this plastic is also a good indication of the past year. The provision is expected to come into force in the coming years and is supported by the European Parliament. I keep my fingers crossed to succeed, because it will be a really revolutionary change! :D
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        Supporting ecology by famous people

It’s also worth mentioning the contribution of famous people to the activities to benefit our planet. Great example is  Leonadro  Dicaprio,  who donated $5 million to Amazon. The actor himself has earth alliance foundations to save ecosystems.

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        Large corporations are changing

In 2018, LEGO announced that plastic is being abandoned, but unfortunately, according to the ceo, this is not entirely possible. The problem is that the blocks from the font aren’t entirely biodegradable. Nevertheless, the company wants to consciously approach production issues. According to the company, they will still produce fully recigliding  and re-processing the packaging.   McDonald's  also wants to add its a few pennies  apart, and in early  2019 the restaurant chain began testing paper straws. There was also a protest against this company that opposes adding plastic toys to children's kits. The initiative is aimed at both  McDonald's  and  Burger King. It is also worth mentioning adidas which from recyclical plastic makes  shoes. In total, more than 25 companies have started to change so far, this is definitely positive information  😊

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         Beyond Meat

Restaurants with fastfood  began to give artificial meat to their burgers, the idea itself was quite warmly received. The taste of such a burger is the same as the usual ones. This type of dishes can be found at  McDonald's,  Burger King or Pizza Hut. It’s also planned to replace it completely, which will undoubtedly translate positively into the environment of our planet.

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         Vatican is plastic-free

I used to write about it HERE and I still think it's one of the most important "eco change of 2019"  😊 I’m really pleased that the smaller world country has announced that it wants to be decarbonised, and to give up 98% of plastic. It’s also worth considering the fact that the Vatican produces food itself and is fully sufficient. I think that in this regard it should be an example for other European countries and more.

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     Headphones from mushrooms

Korvaa  has created headphones that instead of being made of plastic, leather, etc. They are made of mushrooms, Bio plastic and fine lysis regimes. This is so revolutionary change that in the future it will be possible not to use plastic when making electronics. For now, it remains to keep our fingers crossed for other companies to follow  this.

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         Tyres without air

The very concept of such tyres isn’t new because the idea itself has more than a decade (interestingly, the first such initiatives were already taken in the 19th century). The tyre consists of an aluminum rim and instead of filling the air, spoke, their task is to maintain the weight of the vehicle and maintain the same performance as with the standard tyre. The advantage of these tyres is that they are not passable and adapt to any surface. For ecology, this means that this innovation is expected to significantly reduce the annual number of tyre replacements (by more than 200 million).

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      Vlovo rents Christmas trees for the holidays

Volvo encouraged this year to spend holidays more environmentally friendly. In selected salons on 19-23 December, you could rent a live Christmas tree in a pot, and by January 8, it should be returned, after which it will be planted in the forest. It’s also worth mentioning that the car manufacturer for every 1 tree has pledged to plant 10 more. The whole initiative aims to forest more land, which translates into more oxygen production. The company itself  has already organized this type of events several times. The idea itself was met with the approval of the Swedish ambassador who finds that the idea is simple and at the same time warm, joyful and family.

                As you can see last year was really interesting, there were also many more good initiatives of this type I think that books could be written haha 😊 I wish you a successful year 2020 and maybe  you will change something for the better, which I wish you with all my heart! :D

Patryk 😊

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