15 January

Favourites of month | Vegan and CrueltyFree #3

Favourites of month | Vegan and CrueltyFree

 Today I‘ll show you products that I have been successfully using for several months. Here you will find a cool  cosmetics, including affordable hand cream and my all time favourite perfume. And at the end of the post,  I share an interesting, inspiring book and a funny series with you. I invite you  to the post!

Favourites of month | Vegan and CrueltyFree

I have always had a problem with dry hands, especially in the autumn-winter weather. Fortunately, since I discovered a hand serum from Tołpa  my hands look much better, they’re smooth and look healthy. And  most importantly,  the hands look nice even, if I use the cream only for the night. Serum strongly moisturizes and smoothes the skin, quickly absorbs and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling on the hands. I can also say that it’s efficient, I use it every day for two months and used up only half of the package.

Favourites of month | Vegan and CrueltyFree


The eye cream from The Body Shop has a pleasant gel texture that quickly absorbs and moisturizes the skin well. In the morning, I apply the cream with a thinner layer and it interact well with makeup products. In the evening, I like to apply a thicker layer of it and in the morning I wake up with nourished skin. The cream is placed in a comfortable package with an air-less pump,  which allows you to extract the cosmetic to the last drop and keeps its freshness longer. Cream doesn’t contains preservatives, dyes and scent, which is a big plus, because these ingredients can irritate delicate skin under the eyes. Aloe vera used to produce cream is obtained from campeche in Mexico with community trade cooperation.

Favourites of month | Vegan and CrueltyFree


I don't know how I didn't mention on the blog about toilet water and moringa mist from The Body Shop. This is my favorite fragrance for several years! I've already used a good few packs of these perfumes and I have 3 in stock. :D Moringa has a fresh, delicate smell that I associate with purity. When I use it right away I have a lot of energy for a good start to the day.  It’s worth mentioning that the ingredients needed to produce fragrance are sourced from Brazil as part of community trade cooperation.

Favourites of month | Vegan and CrueltyFree


"Want less" is full of advice and inspiration for people like me – who begin their adventure with minimalism. I like how the author explains the concept of minimalism and motivates the first steps. She doesn’t support minimalism of the type "have only 100 things" and shows well that the word minimalism for everyone means something different. She helps us understand what it means to us. If you want to familiarize yourself with minimalism, I recommend this  book to you. :)


The end of the world is coming, which means that the habits of living on Earth the grim Angel and the hooligan Demon are forced to establish a strange alliance to stop Armageddon. Unfortunately, the Antichrist, an 11-year-old boy unaware that it was the destruction of the world, was on him. They need to find it and save the world before it's too late.
"Good Omens" is based on a book by Sir Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman of the same title.  While serial and film adaptations of books  are often difficult to meet readers' expectations, "Good  Omens" is a faithful reflection of the book. It’s full of comedic accents and a high dose of irony. And duo by David Tennant (Crowley) and Michael Sheen (Azirafal)  is wonderful. They perfectly felt the character of the person they played.  If you don’t know "Good Omen"  I encourage  you to watch this great series. 😊

What is your recent favorite? Maybe you watched some good movie or tv series?  :)


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