10 January

8 vegan cosmetics for less than 5 €

8 vegan cosmetics for less than 5 €

 I haven't recommended good and cheap cosmetics for a longtime. The last such entry appeared a few months ago. Today I catch up and pI willshow  Iam ten provenproducts for  facial, body and makeup. I hope they will appeal to you! :)

8 vegan cosmetics for less than 5 €

Cafe Mimi Face Washing Mousse 

Another great cosmetic from Cafe  Mimi! (HERE you can find reviews of the others) You can find two version of this product – moisturizing and purifying.  Each of them has a good, delicate composition and is affordable.😊  My skin tends to dry out, so I chose a moisturizing one. Mousse cleans the face well and doesn’t dry the skin. In addition, it smells very nice and is very efficient.

Price price:  4.75€ / 110 ml

8 vegan cosmetics for less than 5 €

Ziaja Cucumber Cleansing Milk

If we are already talking about face cleansing I can’t not mention about cucumber cleansing milk from Ziaja. It's my mom's favorite product that she has been using it for years! Milk effectively removes daily makeup, doesn’t dry or irritate the complexion. In addition, it has a nice, fresh cucumber fragrance.

Price price: 3,75€ / 200 ml
8 vegan cosmetics for less than 5 €

Isana eye makeup remover

And for those people who prefer make-up remover liquids I can recommend micellar water and two-phase liquid from Isana. Both cosmetics don’t irritate the eyes (unfortunately, I often have allergies to micellar water) and wash off makeup well (also the full face of makeup). They have handy packaging and are available in every Rossmann, so they'll be great for a trip.

Price: 1.69€  /  50ml

8 vegan cosmetics for less than 5 €

Gel with aloe vera for dry skin FlosLek

Aloe gel is a product that I always have to have at home. It is multifunctional and useful for care as well as in the regeneration of the skin. I use this gel under face cream, mix it with hair oil and sometimes with body cream. The gel absorbs quickly and the skin after its use is smooth and moistened.
Price: 5€  / 200 ml

8 vegan cosmetics for less than 5 €

Bielenda Vegan Friendly Karite Body Butter

You get body butter in a comfortable jar with a wide cap and when you open it you will feel a beautiful sweet smell. The cream has a dense consistency that takes a few minutes to absorb. Butter leaves a thin protective layer (it’s not sticky or disturbing), so it’s better to use it overnight. After its use, the skin is smooth, nourished and softened.
Price: 3.80€ /  250 ml

8 vegan cosmetics for less than 5 €

LaQ Melon Shower Moisturizing Shower Gel

LaQ shower gel has a delicate composition, full of plant extracts and a refreshing smell of melon. It cleanses the skin well and doesn’t dry it. Sometimes I used it to wash my hair and in this role it work well either. I really like its comfortable packaging with a pump and a creative label.  😊
Price: 3€ /  300 ml

8 vegan cosmetics for less than 5 €

Essence Perfect Shine

The lipstick from Essence is perfect for everyday use. Lipstick has a gently shiny finish, looks natural and doesn’t dry the lips, even moisturizes it. It has a creamy consistency and it’s easy to apply. It's not super durable, but I treat it more as a colorized lip balm or lip gloss. For people with dry lips it's really grat! My shade is 05 Perfect Plan.
Price: 3€ / 3.5g

8 vegan cosmetics for less than 5 €

Catrice, Aqua Ink Lipiner

It's one of the best lip liners I've had. It’s super long lasting  and it’s very pigmented. It has the form of a pen, but its tip has little ball, which is easy to use. You can choose from 9 colors that are quite intense. Its only drawback is the small capacity behind which goes fast wear. My shade is 010  Attinude is everything and 020  Just follow your rose.
Price: 3€ / 1 ml

Do you know any of these cosmetics?


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