18 October

Vegan hair dye – Herbatint 7C ash blond

Vegan hair dye – Herbatint 7C ash blond

 Do you dying your hair or you rocking natural color. I dyed my hair for a variety of colors from when I was  in high school. I had black, red, ginger, light blonde, violet and pink hair. I recently  dyed them little lighter, but I wanted to return to the natural color - the dark blond. In order to achieve the intended effect I chose vegan, natural dye  Herbatint in the shade of 7C ash blond. If you want to see the effects I invite you to the second part of the post.

Manufacturer's Description:

Herbatint – A natural, herbal, durable hair dye. 40 years of experience has allowed the development of a unique recipe, thanks to which a harmonious combination of minimal quantity of chemicals with plant and herb extracts has been achieved. The result is a hair dye that not only gently and permanently dye your hair, but also nourives it, protects and cares

Without ammonia, parabens, resorcin, heavy metals, alcohol, SLS, gluten.

The recipe is based on herbal extracts and proteins, ammonia harmful for hair tissue has been replaced with rosemary, quinseed and walnut shell to gently release the dye. Heavily reduced chemical components make tea int suitable for people prone to allergies and people paying special attention to the safety and well-being of hair.

It doesn’t destroy hair, gives a natural glow and shine.

My opinion:

The packaging is simple and transparent, you can see on it a shade of dye, no gluten sign, FSC certificate and PETA Bunny. In the box we find a tube with a colouring cream, a bottle of emulsion, conditioner, shampoo, gloves and instructions.

The dye has gel consistency and it is efficient. To dye my hair I used almost whole packaging. It has a delicate composition, which didn’t irritated my skin, nor caused allergies during the test.
After rinsing the dye and using the supplied conditioner, the hair was smooth and soft to the touch.

Before and after


The dye cooled my hair color and slightly darken it, now my natural hair don’t cut off from the lighten part. I really like the color and the hair look very shiny. The dye didn’t destroy or dry them.

What is your favorite hair dye?


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