17 October

Box 5/30 October Edition – Zero Waste & Vegan

Box 5/30 October Edition – Zero Waste & Vegan

 Do you love cosmetic boxes? I've never been a fan of them. Most of them aren’t eco-friendly and unfortunately often the cosmetics that they offer aren’t cruelty free. But I have great news for you, recently you can buy a zero waste box with cosmetics! On this brilliant idea fell Gosia and Majk from 5 /30. Not only have they thought about caring for ecology, they also care about animals and compose boxes so that the products are cruelty-free.

Nourishing Sugar Scrub - cranberry

It contains natural active ingredients in the form of shea butter, coconut oil and cranberry oil, which are delicate for the skin. In addition to the properties of exfoliating cosmetic, the body after its application becomes velvet smooth, deeply moistened and cleaned.

This peeling is fantastic! After its use, the skin is smooth and nourifed, I don’t feel need to cream it anymore. Its scent is gorgeous, sweet and fruity, I’m always feel like eating it.


A Serum for daily care of normal, combination and oily skin. 100% of active ingredients.
Contains m.in. Sacha InChI Oil with a balanced composition with regenerating effect, moisturizing extract of herbaceous solider, illuminating oil vitamin C and lipohydroxyl acid to support the regulation of sebum level.

I use this serum for a few days, but I enchaned me enough, with sure to write a separate review about it. It has a great composition and has helped to nourish my dry ski. But I will say more about it when I use up the whole bottle, which should take around 30 days.

Coconut Water Ajeden

Coconut water nourishes, moisturizes, improves hair and skin vitality and is effective in alleviation of many skin problems, including eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and dandruff.
It also promotes the treatment of cold sores, accelerates healing time, relieves pain and reduces the risk of scars or discoloration. After the distillation process, which has traditionally been made hot steam on the surface of the hydrolatum floats a small amount of coconut oil. Unlike the rules in the production of hydroalts, this oil is not separated but left in the hydrolate. This makes the organic coconut hydrolic extremely original and rich in various nutrients and increases its care qualities.

Coconut water is completely new to me, but it has been in my care every day.
I use it before hair oil and I also sprinkler it on my face in the morning and evening after washing it. I noticed that after using it, the moisturizer absorb quicker and I feel that my skin I more nourished than usual.

Shampoo in bar

Created without the use of raw materials of animal origin and in the spirit of Zero Waste-here is a natural shampoo bar.
It is suitable for everyday use and for vegans and for all types of hair-that is, actually for everyone. Packaging? You have to get used to the Saponish cube-it does not generate unnecessary garbage:)
Shampoo is efficient and abundant in foam, while doing what the shampoo should do-cleansed. And all this with the addition of citrus, energetic smell. It quickly washes and shine hair without greasy them. It acts as a lift, lifting it at the roots and thicking it with castor oil.

Unfortunately, I haven't used shampoo yet, but waiting in line for testing. 😉

CottonFlower bag

CottonFlower is a company that produces organic reusable food pouches (and more). Bags are sewn in Poland with 100% cotton. Their mission is to organically plastic bags  and replacing them with a reusable and durable bag.

This is a very cool cotton bag, I have already used it for shopping. Such zero waste accessories always come in handy. The pouch need little space and it found a home in my purse. Now I won’t forget it. 😉

I’m very pleased with the October edition.

The price of the box is 139 pln and only the cosmetics are worth 210 pln.

If you want to purchase the November edition is now available on the 5/30 website


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