05 September

Eau De Toilette Kistna The Body Shop

Eau De Toilette Kistna The Body Shop

Today I’ve a brief review of my favorite perfumes, which I hope you will be interested in and like them as much as I 😊 !

For starters it will be worth saying a few words called these perfumes.

                It was inspired by the Kistna River, which flows through India.
   It’s a river to which people travel in honor of life and optimism. According to legend, the river sailed from the statue of the cow, which was a monument to the ancient temple of Shiva with tributaries symbolizing the Hindu Trinity – Vishnu, Shiva and Brahnu.

Eau De Toilette Kistna The Body Shop

   Perfumes are refreshing and stimulating. The scent is characterized by notes of bergamot, grapefruit, orange and lemon. In contrast, the essence is patchouli, cedar wood, wood moss and vanilla. These notes makeyou feel like a breeze right away.

   Kistna has a glass bottle with a green colour. The glass from which it’s made has a balancing response and is certain in the shank. It’s cloudy by what you can see how much perfume we have already consumed. All this feels like it was made of precious stone.

   The Plug and Atomizer are made of aluminum. On the plus comes out its gray color scheme, which is quite well composed with the color of the glass.

   On the packaging there is a minimalistic logo of the manufacturer and the name of the perfume and their quantity (100ml). Subtitles are in white color. The whole composition is very minimally and elegantly.

   These are perfumes that can really come to your liking, so far my favorite. I think They have a great, stimulating scent. After application, it lasts very long on clothes, and on the skin its durability is a little shorter.

   Their price is €25.00 for 100 ml. I think that this is one of the better positions offered by The Body Shop. I recommend them with all my heart guarantee that you won't fail! 😊

Patryk :)

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