05 September

Eau De Toilette Kistna The Body Shop

Eau De Toilette Kistna The Body Shop
Eau De Toilette Kistna The Body Shop

Today I’ve a brief review of my favorite perfumes, which I hope you will be interested in and like them as much as I 😊 !

For starters it will be worth saying a few words called these perfumes.

                It was inspired by the Kistna River, which flows through India.
   It’s a river to which people travel in honor of life and optimism. According to legend, the river sailed from the statue of the cow, which was a monument to the ancient temple of Shiva with tributaries symbolizing the Hindu Trinity – Vishnu, Shiva and Brahnu.

Eau De Toilette Kistna The Body Shop

   Perfumes are refreshing and stimulating. The scent is characterized by notes of bergamot, grapefruit, orange and lemon. In contrast, the essence is patchouli, cedar wood, wood moss and vanilla. These notes makeyou feel like a breeze right away.

   Kistna has a glass bottle with a green colour. The glass from which it’s made has a balancing response and is certain in the shank. It’s cloudy by what you can see how much perfume we have already consumed. All this feels like it was made of precious stone.

   The Plug and Atomizer are made of aluminum. On the plus comes out its gray color scheme, which is quite well composed with the color of the glass.

   On the packaging there is a minimalistic logo of the manufacturer and the name of the perfume and their quantity (100ml). Subtitles are in white color. The whole composition is very minimally and elegantly.

   These are perfumes that can really come to your liking, so far my favorite. I think They have a great, stimulating scent. After application, it lasts very long on clothes, and on the skin its durability is a little shorter.

   Their price is €25.00 for 100 ml. I think that this is one of the better positions offered by The Body Shop. I recommend them with all my heart guarantee that you won't fail! 😊

Patryk :)

03 September



Long time there was a post from the category of Empties. Recently we have received some cosmetics, which we’ll write mini reviews. In this post you'll get products for men and women. We’ll among other things, talk about the products from alterra, ziaja, Only Bio, The Body Shop and Lavera.

Cosnature Wild Rose Shampoo

Dorota: Shampoo has a delicate scent typical of natural cosmetics. It has a natural, delicate composition (it doesn’t contain SLS), yet it has a good foam and cleansed hair. It doesn’t dry the hair, although it’s hard for me to tell if it moisturizes and gives them a shine, because always after washing the hair I put on the conditioner. Shampoo has a good price and I’ll definitely buy it again.

Alterra Shampoo for Hair adding volume, Bio papaya and Bio Bambus

Dorota: The volume shampoo  from Alterra is my favorite shampoo from the whole collection. I used to write about it in this post and my opinion about it has not changed. I can safely recommend it. It has a good natural composition and a beautiful scent. It’s also not as dense as the Cosnature shampoo, which is therefore less efficient, but it’s more accessible and a little cheaper.

Isana Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Patryk: This shampoo well cleaned the hair and acted anti-inflammatory and anti-dandruff. In addition, it’s smell like fresh mint and was very inexpensive. I used shampoo every other day to change with the shampoo from Alterra, which you will soon be able to read about.

Alterra Active Charcoal Cleansing Shampoo

Patryk: Charcoal Shampoo from alterra it’s distinguished by its black colour. It has a delicate composition, but well cleanss the hair. And its affordable.

The Rich Directions Lilac Toner

Dorota: Toners from La Riche Directions are very good, They long persist on the hair and don’t destroy them.  When I had a lighter hair, the toner gave them a delicate purple color, and on the dark hair, it nicely cooled their color.

Bielenda Only For Men Extra Energy

Patryk: I wrote some time ago about this moisturizer. I like that it quickly absorbed and moisturizes the skin well, and it smells nice.

Only Bio, 2 in 1 shampoo & Gel for Men

Patryk: The gel had a very intense herbal fragrance, which is very long-lasting and it makes me feel fresh.

Dorota: As a rule, I use soap in the bar, but I really like this gel. It has a wonderful smell, which is not that masculine, it’s more associate with herbs and spices. The gel has a natural, delicate composition and performs well in its tasks.

Cafe Mimi Shower Gel

Dorota: I really like the cosmetics of Cafe Mimi, especially those in packs of 100 ml. Gel has a stronger detergent, but we also find a lot of extracts in it.The gel smells very nicely and is great for travel.

Ziaja Med, enzymatic Peeling

Dorota: I also Wrote about this peeling in this post. This peeling is creamy and delicate. It works well and is suitable for sensitive complexion.


Perfumy Pur Eden

Patrick: Perfumes have a pleasant herbal fragrance that lasts long. Their packaging is elegant and practical. It is worth mentioning that they are ecological.
Here you can read about the review.

The Body Shop Kistna

Patrick: I can't decide which of the perfumes are my favorites. I always hesitate between Kistna and Pur Eden. It usually ends in the fact that it buys them alternately. The kistna toilet water has a fresh scent that also lasts all day.


Lavera Volume Mascara

Dorota: Mascara with lavera gives a fairly natural effect. Slightly thickens and lengthens eyelashes. I like that this mascara can be bought in Brown as well as a classic black hue.

What are your favorite cosmetics? 😊

Patryk & Dorota 😊

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