30 August

Green News - World is on fire, Climate Change and ban on plastic

Green News

 Today, another compilation of more interesting news about the ecology of our planet.
I invite you to familiarize yourself with the following topics 😉 !

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Serious fires in the world

It started in early June and continues. Fires began to emerge when record-breaking temperatures around the world began to be recorded. The ice cover in some places began to melt much sooner than usual. The areas that were exposed from the ice began to dry up and became prone to fires. First, it fell to Alaska and Siberia, now the massive forests of Amazonia and Africa. This is very dangerous for ourselves as it means rising temperatures, raising water levels and muchless oxygen production we breathe.

In Sweden is shopping center where you can buy things second hand

In a town called Eskilstuna there is a warehouse where employees check out things that are unnecessary and broken in terms of whether they can be used and repaired. Then the items are transferred to the stores where they are exhibited. shopping center, It was established in 2015 years. It now brings more and more people, and The idea was so good that similar galleries were created in the USA and Finland.

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The Vatican forgives plastic

Some time ago a ban on plastic was introduced in Vatican City. The whole action began in 2016 years. Until 2020, one of the smallest countries in the world intends to be completely free of this type of waste. IK for now, 98% of waste is segregated.Wet wastes and leaves, etc., are processed into compost. Under this account, the Vatican is the most exemplary for other European cities.

Kyrgyzstan goes to 100% organic farming

Kyrgyzstan intends to move to 100% organic farming within 10 years. Under the regulation, farmers won’t be allowed to use agrochemicals, pesticides, synthetic substances, hormones, growth regulators, feed additives, GMOS, including imports and sales. Since 2014, it has been one of the first countries to ban GMOS. It’s the most open country of the Central Asian countries. It’s a democratic, free-market and safe country.

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Edible sacks as Mesh

Students from London have invented an alternative to plastic bottles. Ooho edible bottles made of membrane, that is, kelp algae and calcium chloride. The packaging can be consumed or simply discarded without fear. The cost of carrying out such packaging is only 2 cents. Pouches of this type are to be promoted among athletes instead of traditional bottles.

Animals aren’t keeping pace with climate change

The latest research published by Nature Communications states that the climate changes that have occurred on our planet are greater than the adoption capacity of animals. This creates a threat to them, even for the most common species.

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Climate change and plastic production

The Paris agreement is supposed to stop climate change at the 2nd level, relative to the era before industrial. To make this happen, people must limit the production of plastic products to the absolute minimum or abandon it altogether. We often forget thate is extracted from refined oil.The production of Plastics itself gives the atmosphere 56 billionemissions or 10-15% of the coal budget. It’s worth remembering that emissions begin with the extraction of fuels and transport, and end with long-term degradation in the environment.

Pepsi will replace the plastic packaging with cans.

Pepsico announced that it would abandon the sale of "Aquafina" water in plastic bottles, instead it will be available in aluminium cans. Pepsi up to 2025 years wants to sell all their drinks in packs subjected to 100% recyclable. Initially, this type of distribution is planned only for dining outlets and small shops.

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