09 July

Green News - Kombucha replaces plastic, until 2040 the meat will disappear, Nestle won't use plastic

Green News - eco news

1. Volkswagen type 2 microbus with electric motor.

Volkswagen already in 3 years will start production of the cult van in the version with electric motor.
The model itself is originally an icon for the years 60 and 70. Its new version has been named the BUZZID. The Model in question is to receive 2 electric motors (one for the front, the other on the back), with one charge it will be able to defeat as much as 430 km. Its handlebar will have a rectangular shape and an autopilot function, and a fully rotating seat. Its premiere is planned for 2022 years.

2. The condition of bees in the world.

Albert Einstein used to say, "If the Last bee dies on earth, humanity will remain four years old."
The Glasgow scientists took a look at this problem, and it turned out that between 2017 and 2018, the bee population drastically dropped by more than 100 thousand. Individuals. than 15% of the total population of the species. This is a serious problem because it isn’t entirely known what causes it, the most credible argument in this matter is the fact that they are too used by people and the climate change that has been caused over the last 20 years.

3.Do 2040 year, we will.. Eat artificial meat!

In more than 20 years we will eat meat from plants which look and taste resemble meat but it isn’t.

This is due to the fact that the mass breeding of animals, which occupies together with all pasture occupies as much as 70% of the planet's surface area. There is a problem with the production of methane and CO2 as a consequence. As the foundation says "Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation" This is one of the more serious problems of the planet's harassment.

4. Nestle forgives the plastic.

In the beginning it started with the company "LEGO" which will soon create blocks from sugarcane, and now "Nestle" would throw their few cents into ecology.
The company plans to place its productin reusable packaging which is fully recyclable. Therefore, the other brands belonging to "Nestle" will have paper packaging. New packaging will be harder to do what can translate into the price of their products, on the other hand for saving the planet rather worth it.

5. Massive planting of trees.

Lately we are dealing with a real climate change – hurricanes, floods, drouches, mass extincing species. This was always the case, but not on such a scale.
There are more and more desersions, people are increasingly calling against CO2. The solution to this problem seems to be planting trees, in cities increasingly small parks are formed, and wetlands that prevent flooding and REDUCE CO2. After all, it’s worth remembering that one old tree can operate more than a few hundred of several summer trees. It’s worth mentioning that children are more conscious than adults.

6. Circus in Germany uses holograms as animals.

The use of animals in circus can become a thing of the past thanks to a circus in Germany.
The circus "Cicus roncalli" proves it most. Instead of real animals it uses holograms. Holograms are made in 3D, and have 360 degrees. The shows are really spectacular. However, the use of real animals raises a lot of controversy in some cities in Poland is even forbidden. Silence so the fact that there are places that abandon the old practices.

7. The opting that we can eat and cultivate? Here's SCOBY!

It’s a packaging that doesn’t only produce. Grown. It’s produced from a fungus called "kombucha". It doesn't look appeerously, but it's not the most important thing. The most important is that waste is transformed into valuable materials and products in this process.

8. Prohibition of plastic in Bali.

It is the first Indonesian island completely free of plastic.

The struggle for it lasted 6 years, but finally thanks to the organization "bye bye Plastic" founded by two sisters was completed successfully. Indonesia in which Bali is located is one of the most polluted sites by plastic in the world.

9. The fur industry in Germany will disappear to 2022 year.

Although the industry itself is still to exist, the law has to be transformed to stop it being profitable. Already in Germany there are only a few such farms, while the Swiss now have no fur production, while in Poland more than 700. Unfortunately, there is nothing in Poland pointing to another turn of affairs.

10. In China they end up with animal tests!

The new provision comes into force on January 1, 2020. To date, it’s the only country in the world that goes to such practices.
The Chinese authorities supported the project to use alternative methods for testing, and training for laboratories conducting non-animal testing is already underway. This is a very important information that will surely affect the fate of animals.

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