01 July

10 Best Video Games to Play With Friends

10 video games for two
   Today, the subject is a bit different than usual. We like to play video games and we treat them hobbyist with Dorota 😊 So I decided on the basis of what we play together, choose games that will be perfect for shared entertainment on lazy evenings and are at really engaging. You can know some, others less, but I hope that you will find something for yourself and the other person 😉 So ...

 I. Civilization series

   Sid Maier's Civilization is a series of turn-based strategy games (4X) launched in 1991 year by the legend of the computer games industry Sid Maier. Since then the game has six parts (last in 2016 until now developed).

You play as the leader of your own civilization, which we direct from antiquity to the closest future. We can build our own cities and manage their development and conduct activities diplomatic, spreading your own religion, create your own political system, deal with trade, and invent new technologies or to wage wars with other countries. The game world looks every time otherwise it is randomly generated, there are mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, desert jungles and much more.

The game has an extensive multiplayer mode, you can easily play on one device with the other half or with friends it is also possible to play online.

It’s very intuitive which makes it easy to control, making it a leap for everyone. The game has a nice soundtrack different for each civilization. Each part is carefully made visually, the silhouettes of leaders or all the figures in the game world are greatly animated, detailed and full of colors.

I can recommend it to anyone who would like to feel the leader of their own nation. We played many hours in this game and I think it speaks for itself.

The game is available via the PC, iOS and Switch.

 II. Portal Knights

  Portal Knights is a game that combines elements of RPG with the sandbox its premiere took place in 2017 and is being developed to this day. Like Minecraft, this is a fantastic land built entirely destructible blocks.

The world is divided into sky islands connected by a network of the title portals that we must repair using colored cubes found in the world of the game (they fall with the blocks together be from defeated monsters). The islands differ in vegetation and what's on them we find (they are generated randomly) during the journey we come across various tasks from independent characters, hidden dungeons with treasures, monsters and bosses. Before starting the game We can customize our character visually and choose her class (knight, hunter, mage, villain). The character also gains experience points thanks to which he can be developed in several categories (strength, dexterity, wisdom, etc.) We extract raw materials (we cut trees, we collect iron, coal, etc.) with which we can help build whatever you want, or create better and better equipment for our protagonist (armor, swords bows, wands, etc.), it’s possible to create spells that are very helpful in ours adventures.

It has a cooperative mode so you can play with another person on one screen or through Internet. It’s possible to play together on different devices because it’s fully cross platform.

Visually, the game presents itself really nicely has a cartoon colorful graphics, fun made characters and animations at a decent level. We have the opportunity to watch the world from eyes form or from behind. Music in the game even though there aren’t too many tracks of it really pleasant in reception.

This is one of those titles we like to spend evenings with Dorota, exploring together, building and adventures can be really fun 😊

The game is available for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, iOS, Android and Switch platforms

 III. Wargroove

   A strategic turn-based game that draws its own patterns from the achievements of such games as Advance Wars or Fire Emblem, its premiere took place in early 2019.

Entertainment is conducted on a turn on a map divided into water and land areas. We move units, take strategic points on the map, collect raw materials for purchase next units and we fight. We have a wide range of units available to help you us to defeat the opponent. We have at our disposal infantry, siege and powerful machines golems, etc. An important role is played by the commander whose defeat ends the clash, they have skills special thanks to which you can change the fate of the entire battle (so-called Groove). Skillful use raw materials, units and commanders is the key to victory. The game is also extensive map editor.

It has a campaign which is its core, the ability to play alone in the arcade mode, as well as in common having fun on one device or via the internet.

It has a colorful pixel graphics and a really warming-up music 😊 I think we liked it because it resembles old good games from our childhood, well ... ah .. this sentiment. Either way, believe me😉!

The game is available for PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Switch.

IV. For the King

   It’s a game combining characteristic elements of strategy, jRPG and Roguelike. It had a premiere in 2018, the creator is developing it all the time.
We take control over the daredevils who try to save the land from the threatening one danger. Before starting, we choose the character's class and its appearance. In the game we move around the world in turns on a hex map, alternating with another person making movements. We can move on land and on the water there are also settlements in which we will buy equipment or we will receive tasks. There are also many opponents in the land (on land, in underground and on the water). Clashes with them take place in turn-based mode, and their success decides skillful use of the skills of our characters. All events and the world the game is generated completely randomly. Fighting is facilitated by items found in the game (armor, swords etc.) and among others treatment with herbs.

The game has a nice three-dimensional graphics based on polygon, which is well-animated, and has a soundtrack that complements the climate.

In the game, you can play alone and in a few people (I recommend this second game a lot on it gains) there is the possibility of playing over the internet.

We are having a great time with Dorota. Cooperation requires good communication between us I think it works on plus 😊!

The game is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Switch

V. Worms series

   You don’t need to introduce anyone to the legendary bugs. 😊 For those of you who didn’t have it this is a series of strategy and arcade games initiated in 1995, they are still being created today her next releases are one in 2D other in 3D.
The rules of the game are quite simple. On randomly generated maps, two teams face each other charming title worms, the winner is the one who will beat the opposing team with the help of really a fancy arsenal of weapons - exploding toilets, a concrete donkey, etc. Weapons and their use they are absurd and at the same time incredibly funny. In the newer parts of the series, we have the opportunity changing the appearance of our wicked army and choosing its battle cries or creation own team weapon.
The most important advantage of the game is playing with friends on one sofa, it gives a lot of fun and laughter, and it works great on meetings with them. There is also the possibility of playing over the Internet (But it's not the same 😉)
As I wrote earlier, some of the parts are in 2D different in 3D, what connects them is cartoon graphics and in fully destructible area.
We have different opinions with Dorota, which parts are the best, but we are unanimous in that each is a large dose of humor, and well-thought-out game to relax 😊

The game is available on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 1-4, Android, iOS, and Switch

 VI. Overcooked I and II

   A quite different game combining elements of the action game with the culinary game. Its premiere took place in 2016 and the second part in 2018.
We have to prepare the dishes by holding the recipe and deliver them to the right places in the kitchen. All our shares must be well planned and carried out in the right time, if something goes wrong, customers lose their patience. He will come in the game we prepare dishes in really unusual places for restaurants, sometimes it is a pirate ship, other places resembling an obstacle course. The levels are really diverse, and over time gaining momentum. This is the title intended mainly for the cooperation mode (up to four people), but it’s also the opportunity to play alone.
At an audiovisual angle, it stands at a decent level 😊 the whole is pleasing to the eye and fairy tale.                It has really cool animations (although simple)
We liked the good cooperation  and quite loose style of the game. It’s guarantee a really nice afternoon 😉
The game is available on PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Switch

VII. Divinity - Original Sin

   It’s a game that is part of the series of RPG games "Divinity" launched in 2002. Is prequal of the first part. It had a premiere in 2014. The title is just right for those who value the classics of the RPG genre, it’s a game that forces you to think and don’t tells you what to do, so it’s never boring. Any problem encountered in the game we solve by ourselves. Before starting to create characters, we give them features, etc. We have many options, that we can choose one of the default classes or try to own one combinations. In the later stages of the game, nothing stands in the way of changing our character, for example from wizard in a warrior, etc. Each class has different skills for example playing a rogue without we'll go unnoticed (I still recommend developing characters in a thoughtful way). During the adventure, we can hire companions with different skills. System the fight is turn-based and requires well-thought-out tactics. We also have the option of entering different places, collecting items (we can pick up whatever we want) and performing tasks for independent characters. The game isn’t linear what strikes the eye from the beginning of the entertainment, where at we create a story by the help of properly organized dialogues.
 Divinity - Original Sin offers the opportunity to play alone or together with another person.
The game even as today is characterized by great graphics and a wonderful world that it really teems with life. The sound fixture stands at the highest level. The title lasts for 80-100 hours of fun 😉

In my opinion, even if it’s a complicated game at the beginning, you can quickly master it I sincerely recommend even to know the story and the world of "Divinity" because it’s really great! To the extent that we are trying to re-enter the game by leading threads differently than previously 😉
The game is available on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4

VIII. F1 Race Stars

   Is a family racing game under the license of Formula 1. We have the ability to control the real cars and incarnation in known drivers. The game had a premiere in 2012.

In the game we control miniature cars with logos of real brands, such as McLarren, etc. Tory racing cars are modeled on real ones, with the difference that we can find loops, spikes, or on them even corkscrews. On the route there are also various auxiliary devices (shields, rockets, etc.). Our the car can be damaged during the race, which slows it down considerably, and just like in real races of this type is possible to repair in the box and at the occasion of the supplement fuel.

The game is incredibly colorful and cheerful, has a lot of routes and a very good driving model. I really recommend it! : D It isn’t a too demanding title (department even on an old laptop) a the pleasure of playing in particular with the other person is honey! 😉 If you associate Mario Kart and you have good memories of it as well as I’m, It will be good fit for you 😊!
The game is available on PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3

IX. CupHead

   Two-dimensional action game stylized on old cartoons. You play as a character in it addicted to gambling that loses its own soul with the devil. The game had a premiere in 2017, for 2019 an add-on is planned.

The game combines elements of platforming with a brawl. We fight duels with bosses, one on one by using various weapons. Each opponent has his own style of fighting and a dynamic fake one intelligence, so if we want to defeat him, it isn’t enough to learn his movements. During the game the protagonist may have different outfits, each of whom provides him with other bonuses. CupHead is very characteristic high level of difficulty, you can still try to overcome your opponents all the time we aren’t punished for losing in any way.

Visually and under the account of humor, it looks just like the animation of the 30's of the last century makes a great impression. The whole game has been hand-drawn which deserves recognition.  The game offers a co-op mode as well as the option of playing alone.

I recommend with all my heart! 😉 If you like challenges 😊 When we played it for the first time with Dorota, we thought it was some old Disney animation, what we were fooled: D

The game is available on PC, Xbox One and Switch

 X. Never Alone

   A game combining platform elements with logics. It had a premiere in 2014 and on mobile devices in 2016.

The game presents the mythical world of the Inuit people. The main character of the game is a small girl from one of the tribes of this people who travels along a snow-covered land with a white fox. Creativity games it was the most authentic experience they engaged in contemporary projects members of these tribes as consultants. During the game, we avoid traps, fight and we solve puzzles. Sometimes to solve some problems you have to switch between a girl and a fox.
In the game there is also a cooperative mode available after the single player mode.
The graphics of the game are presented in very nice 3D from the perspective characteristic of 2D games. The soundtrack is recorded on the basis of traditional Inuit music which gives the whole climate. The game also took care of the dialogues being conducted in the language of this people at our disposal so that we can understand them added subtitles.

The first contact with the game I had on the tablet which was so strange that I don’t like the mobile devices, nevertheless I was immediately captivated by not only me, because Dorota spent more time with the game than me 😉. I think that this is a lot of nod to the North Indian people 😊!

Game is available on PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Android, iOS and WiiU
10 video games for two

There are many more good games 😊 I decided on these and not the other ones because I prefer them to this one let's have fun together 😉 If you have any of your favorite titles for two, play games in something with your other half, go ahead and share it :D !

 Patryk :)

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