Vegan Hair dye - Color & Soin 8A - Ash blonde

19 July

Vegan Hair dye - Color & Soin 8A - Ash blonde

 Color & Soin is a French cruelty free company that produces natural hair cosmetics. Hair dye from this manufacturer has a natural composition, it's vegan, doesn’t cause irritation and allergies and is supposed to make our hair soft and shiny. If you want to find out whether the dye meets these assumptions, I invite you to the rest of the post. 
Vegan Hair dye - Color & Soin 8A - Ash blonde

Manufacturer's description: 

 Durable hair dye with plant extracts. 
Color & Soin is a permanent hair dye with plant extracts that dyes 100 white hairs from the first use, and protects and cares for them. It has been tested as part of dermatological control. The product has been developed taking into account the nature of hair, minimizes skin irritation and the risk of allergy. 
Vegan Hair dye - Color & Soin 8A - Ash blonde

My opinion: 

 The hair dye is easily available and inexpensive. In the box you will find a tube with coloring cream, a bottle with emulsion, conditioner, gloves and instructions. 
After mixing the ingredients, the dye has a pleasant, delicate fragrance. I applied it with an applicator that was attached to the package. Coloring was simple and didn’t take a long time. 
I used up the whole pack of dye on my shoulder lenght hair. The dye didnt irritate my skin and was easily to rinse off. However, after using the conditioner, my hair wasn’t smooth and soft at all. They were tangled and quite dry. 
Vegan Hair dye - Color & Soin 8A - Ash blonde


 When I rinsed the conditioner and dry my hair, I was shocked. I bought paint in a cold shade of medium blonde, and my hair was orange and much brighter. Dissatisfied with the effect, I quickly put a purple toner on my hair, which is lucky enough to cool the color a bit and slightly darken the hair. 
In conclusion, Im very disappointed with the effect of coloring. I think that next time, I will use a cold shade blonde of Biokap or try the Herbatint dye. 

And you used dye from Color & Soin? Maybe you know some good natural hair dyes? 


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