16 April

4 cosmetics that I will never buy again

4 cosmetics that I will never buy again

I rarely get cosmetics that are useless. When I don’t like a product, I try to find a different use for it, for example when face gel will dry my complexion I will use it to wash my body. But the cosmetics I will tell you about today disappoint me completely. 

4 cosmetics that I will never buy again

Isana, Style 2 Create, Goodbye Frizz 

It seems to me that quite a lot of people like this hair spray, but with my hair it did nothing. My hair is wavy, but sometimes I like to straighten it with a hair dryer. I thought that this spray would help me keep my hair straight for a long time, but after a few hours they would wiggle. I didn’t notice that the hair was more shiny, the same effect I can get using hair oil. Maybe it would work better on frizzy hair. 
Spray has had a different package for some time, but the ingredients has remained the same. 

4 cosmetics that I will never buy again

Alterra, Deo - Balsam Sensitiv 

Alterra deodorant is a total failure. It absorbs very long, leaves stains on clothes and doesn’t fulfill its role at all. It's nice that it has a naturalingredients and is suitable for sensitive skin, but it is very moist and I don’t feel comfortable using it. I certainly won’t buy this product again. 

4 cosmetics that I will never buy again

Miyo Five Points Palette Perfect Selfie Palette 

This palette is small and handy. I bought it with the thought of traveling. The concealers are creamy and easy to use, but they look very dry on my skin. I gave this palette to my sister. And it looks good on her skin. I think that this palette may be good for people with normal or oily skin, but people with dry skin should avoid it. 

4 cosmetics that I will never buy again

Rival de Loop Anti-Red Primer 

This is the worst makeup base I've ever had. It doesn’t matter if I put a mineral or liquid foundation on it, it always looks bad and rolls on it. I tried to apply it with a sponge, brush or palms to the base, and the effect was always just as bad. I regret that I spent money on it, at a similar price there are much better bases from Catrice. 

These products turned out to be a huge disappointment for me, but remember that this is just my opinion, and each of us is different and these products can please someone. 
I’mm curious whether you usually buy good products or maybe you also get cosmetics that don’t meet your expectations? 


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