08 April

3 ideas for DIY dog toys | Upcycling

3 ideas for DIY dog toys | Upcycling

 In today's post I will share with you 3 ideas for dog toys that you can do yourself at home. Most of them are made of old clothes and very easy to prepare. If you have an old pair of jeans, lost socks or an old blanket at home, thanks to today's post these materials will gain a second life.

3 ideas for DIY dog toys | Upcycling

1. Braid from old jeans

Jeans are a great material to make a dog toy. They're flexible and very durable, so the dog won't tear them during play. To make this toy you will need:

• Long jeans
• Sharp scissors
• Thread from needle
• Studs
Rubber bands


1.  I cut off the legs from the jaens.

2. I cut 9 straps from the pantlegs.

3. Each of the straps I folded into the half and every few cm I pin it.

4. I braided the braid from 3 strips, pulling the pins along the way (remember to pull all the pins! In any case, the dog can't swallow them).

5. I tied the braid with rubber band.

6. I have braided 2 braids from the other straps (in total 3 braids).

7. I combined 3 braids with a rubber band and I braided one braid from them, which I also tied with the elastic band at the end.

8. I cut two short strips from the remaining material.

9. I took off the elastics and replaced them with a strip of cloth. I stapled the pin and stowed it properly. (at this step, also remember about pulling the pin;))

10. I repeated this step at the other end of the braid.

11. And that's all, the braid is ready!
3 ideas for DIY dog toys | Upcycling

2. An octopus from a blanket

The octopus is the simplest of all toys. There is no sewing in its preparation, and you need only 3 things to make it:

• Fleece blanket
• Scissors
• Cotton


1. I start the octopus by putting a large ball of cotton wool in the middle of the blanket. (If you want a smaller toy, make balls the size of a tennis ball. My dog ​​is quite large and I wanted the toy to be so, so I made balls the size of a medium melon.)

2. From each side of the blanket I cut out 9 strips, which are about 2-3 cm thick. And in the circle of the ball I leave about 5 cm free space.

3. I gathered up material tightly and tied a scrap piece of blanket around it as tight as I can. Than I cut its ends close to the knot.

4. Then, I grab a 3 strips of blanket and braid them in a braid.

5. I tied the end of the braid on two knots and I cut the ends of material.

6. I repeat these two steps until I have checked all the straps.

7. Then my octopus was ready!
3 ideas for DIY dog toys | Upcycling

3. Plush centipede

This project can be done with a sock that has no pair. Depending on the length of the socks, the length of the centipede will change. I have made my sock in size 42 and I used up 4 hair elastics, but you can use them more for a longer sock or less for a shorter sock. ;) You will use more things for this project, but it's as simple as the other ones.

• Sock
• Scissors
• Cotton
Thread and needle
• Hair elastics
• Strings (I used strings for gift bags)
• Pompoms


1. I've put cotton wool into balls with a diameter of about 5 cm and put it in my sock.

2. Than I fastened it by a hair band.

3. I Repeat this step 4 times.

4. I put on the last ball, but instead of tying my sock, I sewed it.

5. I cut the strings in half and tie the knot at their ends. I cut one of the strings so that it will be a bit shorter (white one).

6. I sew strings to each ball, except the last one (the one that was stitched). So that they look like legs.

7. I sew two shorter strings to the last ball, so that they look like tentacles.

8. Under the tentacles, I sew the pompoms so that they look like eyes.
3 ideas for DIY dog toys | Upcycling

9. The centipede is ready!

My dog ​​liked these toys very much, although my cat have already appropriated octopus. :D


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