01 April

15 easy zero waste kitchen swaps

15 easy zero waste kitchen swaps 

 In today's post I will show you 15 ideas for eco changes in the kitchen. These changes are simple to implement, reduce plastic consumption and help you to live sparingly. 
15 easy zero waste kitchen swaps 

1. Water filtering 

Bottled water is the bane of our time. Plastic bottles are often not recyclable and pollute our planet. In addition, water is usually packed in bottles made of PET plastic, which can be contaminated with BPA. Its a harmful substance that has a negative effect on the endocrine system. Drinking filtered water is safe for our health and saves a lot of money.  
15 easy zero waste kitchen swaps 

2. Packaging of leftovers into containers 

Packaging food in foil consumes a lot of plastic. Instead of using the foil, you can pack food into containers. If you dont have special packaging, you can use ordinary jars. If you are looking for glass containers, you can get them in Ikea. 
15 easy zero waste kitchen swaps 

3. Wooden cutting boards 

Wooden cutting boards are very durable. If you get scratches on them, it's easy to smooth the top layer of wood and the board is like new. And a board that will soak up the smell of, for example, onions, you can rub with lemon to get rid of unpleasant smell. 

4. Bamboo spoons instead of plastic ones 

Bamboo is a very hardy and fast growing raw material. Kitchen tools made of this material are healthier than plastic. They are very easily available and have affordable prices. 

5. Cotton and linen cloths 

As a cleaning cloth, I usually use old towels or t-shirts that are no longer fit to wear. However dishcloths usually hang in a visible place, so I prefer to use nicer materials. What I like the most are white linen and cotton cloths that can be washed at high temperature and easily cleanse when they get dirty. Linien and cotton are durable materials, so they will last for many years of use. 
15 easy zero waste kitchen swaps 

6. Silicone ice cubes molds

 It is difficult to pour water from the kettle into plastic bags and it is difficult to pull them out. In contrast, silicone molds are very comfortable to use. And their purchase is a one-off expense. 

7. Rubber gloves instead of latex gloves 

Rubber gloves aren’t expensive, and they are more durable than latex gloves. They don’t pierce so easily, so you have to throw them away after each use. Latex itself is biodegradable, but many gloves are filled with fillers, through which worn out gloves break down for a long time. In ecological drugstores you will also get reusable, biodegradable gloves made of latex. 
15 easy zero waste kitchen swaps 

8. Wooden brushes for cleaning and reusable sponges 

Wooden brushes for cleaning have been used for centuries and work well. Smoothly clean them with a bathtub or shower. And if you need a sponge to clean or wash, in ecological drugstores you will find cellulose sponges that can be washed in a washing machine. There are also silicone "sponges" on the market that can be scalded. These sponges aren’t bad, but they aren’t suitable for heavily soiled dishes (it's hard to order tea sludge). 

9. Ecological paper towel 

In most drugstores you will find eco-friendly, gray paper towel. It's a little thinner than white paper, but if you are bothered there are also organic cotton cloths that can be washed and dried after use. 

10. Biodegradable garbage bags 

What we throw away in garbage is also important. Ordinary garbage bags are years of rubbish dumps before they decompose. Biodegradable bags are made of corn and will spread even on the compost. 
15 easy zero waste kitchen swaps 

11. Metal / bamboo straws 

Plastic straws are another thing that litter the oceans. Fortunately, metal and bamboo straws are becoming more and more popular and more easily available.  
15 easy zero waste kitchen swaps 

12. Silicone lids for food 

Silicone lids for food are very practical. They stick to food and do not peel off like foil, and their use isn’t unhealthy. You can get a set of 3 lids in Ikea. 
15 easy zero waste kitchen swaps 

13. Wicker and cork pads 

Wicker pads are ecological and biodegradable. We can use them as pads for hot pots or plates. I use large cork pads as a protective desk mat. It's very convenient to write on them and move the mouse. 

14. Silicone molds for cupcakes and cakes. 

Silicone cupcake molds are very cheap and will save paper. They are easy to clean and are resistant to both low and very high temperatures. In the stores you can also find silicone cake molds. 
15 easy zero waste kitchen swaps 

15. Coffee and tea brewer 

Some people do not mind drinking tea or coffee with tea leaves, but if you do not belong to this group of people, a good solution is a coffee maker. Thanks to it, you don’t have to buy paper filters for coffee or tea bags. You can also use a silicone or metal infuser or strainer for the tea being poured. 

Do you use these solutions? :)


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