08 March

Smoothing candle Yooka | Vegan & Natural

Smoothing candle Yooka | Vegan & Natural

 Yooka is a small family workshop that produces 100% natural soy candles. They are made of organic soy wax and essential oils. Candles are environmentally friendly, completely biodegradable and safe for us. In their offer you will find scented candles and candles for massage. I was tempted by a smoothing massage candle and I’m charmed by it. 
Smoothing candle Yooka | Vegan & Natural

What does the producer say about soy wax: 

Soy wax is primarily a natural product. It isnt produced as a result of complicated chemical processes, and is a plant wax obtained from soybeans. Thanks to its natural origin, it is 100% environmentally safe and biodegradable and can be used by allergy sufferers. Soy wax under natural conditions quickly decomposes and in no way contaminates the environment. For this reason, it is very popular with people who are not foreign to ecological problems. Due to the lack of content in its coal or gasoline composition, the soy wax during combustion releases minimal amounts of carbon dioxide, so that no soot is deposited in the rooms or on the objects. The great advantage of soy wax is also that it melts at a relatively low temperature. In the case of stains, it is enough to remove hot water and possibly a bit of soap to remove it. 

10 reasons that make soy candles unique: 

1. Because they are natural, they come from renewable sources, they are biodegradable and non-toxic 
2. They can easily be washed off with any surface using warm water and soap 
3. They burn about 50% longer than paraffin candles, and with a well-chosen wick they burn out to the end (also from the walls of the vessel) 
4. They burn at a much lower temperature than paraffin, so wax can not be burned 
5. The candle can be applied (warm, fragrant oil) to the skin 
6. They produce 90% less harmful volatile soot than paraffin candles 
7. Do not mound, do not raise the level of CO2 in the atmosphere 
8. Candles have natural cotton wicks that do not contain either zinc or lead, which is very common in paraffin candles and negatively affects our health 
9. Soy candles smell much more intensely and pleasantly than paraffin candles - due to the lower melting temperature, the surface of the melted wax can be much larger, so the odor is released better. The smell of soy candle smells "cleaner", because it is not burdened with the characteristic smell of paraffin 
10. Soy candles do not cause headaches, because the natural ones do not contain chemical additives commonly used in paraffin candles. 
Smoothing candle Yooka | Vegan & Natural

What does the producer say about the candle: 

The candle is made of 100% natural ingredients. It was created from a combination of soy wax, smoothing cocoa butter and peach oil with revitalizing and moisturizing properties. In addition, the composition of the candle has been enriched with natural essential oils with soothing properties of irritation and skin smoothing, additionally giving it a wonderful aroma, they are ylang ylang, lemongrass and Himalayan cedar. 
The candle has an optimal melting point. After igniting, it heats up to the temperature ideal for the skin, thanks to which it spreads perfectly on the body. The skin after the massage shines thanks to the use of cocoa butter is deeply moisturized and smoothed, and thanks to the polyphenols contained in it, the skin is more elastic, and the stretch marks and smoothed scars. Thanks to the use of peach oil and the oleic acid contained in it, as well as vitamins A and E, the skin is regenerated, smoothed, full of gloss and without discoloration. In addition, while burning, the scent of essential oils aromas aromatherapy, calms, relaxes, introduces our mind and body to a state of relaxation. 
Smoothing candle Yooka | Vegan & Natural

My opinion: 

The candle from Yooka is the first massage candle with which I had contact. Im very surprised by it. The candle has a beautiful, natural, oriental fragrance and thanks to it during the massage I feel like I'm in the spa. It melts very quickly and is pleasantly warm. You don’t have to worry that it will burn your skin, because the wax warms up to the ideal temperature. The candle is placed in a practical dish, which has a simple appearance and can easily decorate a dressing table or bathroom. The wax is perfectly poured out of it, it doesn’t get dirty and spills from side to side.  
Mostly I use it for a hand massage, which relaxes me, and at the same time moisturizes my hands well. The candle leaves an oily layer on the skin, which is well absorbed when massaged. After massaging the oil, the candle smell remains on the skin for a long time. It is palpable even after washing your hands. The oil doesn’t leave greasy stains on the clothes, and if you dont like the feeling of something greasy on the skin, its easy to wash away, even with water. 
I really liked massage candles from Yooka and I cannt imagine a weekend spa without it. 


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