12 March

Nacomi Savon noir - natural & vegan

Nacomi Savon noir - natural & vegan 

Black soap is a natural multifunctional cosmetic. It can be used as a body or face soap, enzymatic scrub or hair cleansing product. It has cleansing properties, reduces pores and perfectly smoothes the skin. Today, I will tell you about the savon noir from Nacomi. This company has easily accessible cosmetics with good, natural ingredients and a nice price. They offer a lot of vegan products and don’t test them on animals. 

Nacomi Savoin noir - natural & vegan 

What the producer says: 

Savon Noir is a vegetable soap produced in Morocco using traditional methods from black olives and olive oil. 
It is a very well-known and appreciated product in the world, because it has not only nurturing qualities, but also cleansing and relaxing. It is 100% natural and rich in vitamin E. 
It can be used for all skin types, including sensitive baby skin. In addition, due to its natural origin, it does not sensitize, it does not clog pores, and a specific smell, which not everyone can initially like, but if you know the magic effects of its use on your own skin, this small detail will be irrelevant. 

Nacomi Savon noir - natural & vegan


Aqua, Potassium Olivate, Sodium Chloride, Glycerin, Potassium Hydroxide 

Nacomi Savon noir - natural & vegan

My opinion: 

 Black soap has a light, pleasing package. Its easy to take out product from it, which has a dense, long-lasting consistency. Soap doesn’t smell too good, but after some time I got used to its fragrance. Savon noir has no preservatives, so you need to protect them from contact with water. It is best to apply it with a spoon or dry hands. 

 I often use black soap as an enzyme peeling for the face. A few times a week I apply them to a damp face and wash them after 10 minutes. Soap cleanses the skin, its "creaky" after using it. Sfter using doap regulary I noticed that imperfections were disappearing and my skin was bright and smooth. I try not to use it too often, because Im afraid of drying my skin and I dont need such a strong cleansing every day. 

 I also use Savon noir to clean my scalp. I put them on a scalp moistened with water for 10-15 minutes and then wash them with a delicate shampoo. After using it, the hair is reflected from the root, fresh and stays clean longer. Fortunately, after using the soap, its smell isnt noticeable on the hair. 

 Black soap can also be used in the Hammam ritual. This ritual consists of applying soap for 10-20 minutes and spreading it with the Kessa glove. After washing the soap youy should applied Ghassoul clay mixed with water. And at the end, the skin is motorised with argan oil. 
I have never performed the Hammam ritual (It's too time-consuming for me), but maybe it will interest you. 
Black soap is definitely worth attention. It isn’t an expensive cosmetic and I think that everyone will find way to use it. 


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