14 February

Favorites of month | Vegan & Cruelty free #2

Favorites of month | Vegan & Cruelty free #2

 Some time has passed since the last blogpost about favorites and I found some new good products. In today's post you can read about beauty care, make up cosmetics, my favorite book and TV series from which I can't tear myself away lately. :D
Favorites of month | Catrice HD Liquid Coverage & Kobo White Brightener Mix


 The Catrice foundation is the best foundation I've ever had! It has good coverage, which can be built, great durability and looks natural in all of this. The foundation has a matte finish, but thanks to the pipette it can be easily mixed with a base, cream or liwuid highlighter. I tried all these methods and with each od them it stayed on my face for a long time and still had good coverage. Most often I mix it with my second favorite (foundation brightener), because unfortunately 010 Light is quite dark and very badly oxidized. This foundation unfortunately has a small range of colors in our Country, but I know that in USA there have a lot of new colors. 


 This product from Kobo is a very good brightener for foundations. Previously, I had a lot of brighteners from other companies that had much worse pigmentation and often dried up my complexion. The brightener doesn't change consistency or coverage of the foundation. It adds a slightly matt finish and extends its durability. It has a thick consistency, which is enough for a small amount of product to lighten the foundation. If you have a very light complexion then you have to try it out. ;)
Favorites of month | My Secret Face Iluminator Powder


 This is the best highlighter from drugstore. Sparkling Beige has a cold slightly pinkish color, which on a light complexion gives a natural effect, perfect for everyday use. If you want to get a stronger effect, you can spray your brush with fixer and apply highlighter. In the highlighter collection from My Secret, there is a beautiful, golden shade Princess Dream, which unfortunately is too dark for me. 
Favorites of month | Sunshade elements Brush F230


 This is a synthetic brush that is ideal for applying a highlighter. It has shaded bristles in the shape of an "egg", thanks to which the highlighter spreads very naturally on the cheekbones and under the eyebrow. Sometimes I also apply blush or powder under my eyes and it also works well in this role. The producer also recommends him to apply the bronzer, but for me this brush is too small for it. The brush is soft, easy to clean and dries quickly. 
Favorites of month |Silicone Sonic Face Brush


 I never thought that the sonic face brush would be in the favorites. Usually I used konjak sponges to clean my face, but for a few months I have been using this brush and Im obssesd with it. The brush has two cycles, one for face cleansing and the other for massage as well as for 3 vibrations. Thanks to the built-in sensor, it informs you with a vibrating signal when you have to move it to a different area of ​​the face. Her silicone protrusions cleanse the pores well and are gentle on the skin. It is easy to clean and it can be charged by usb.  
Favorites of month | "Tango" Mrożek


 I read "Tango" for the first time in High School and since then it has become one of my favorite books. "Tango" is a tragicomedy about contemporary society. Some parts of this book can be funny to tears, but after reading the last page, people will always be inclined to reflect. It is a timeless title that always accompanies me and every time inclines others to think about themselves and our surroundings. 


 I have never been a big fan of Star Trek, but I liked this series very much. It is intriguing and has many twists and turns. Each episode is full of surprises. The characters have complex characters and it is easy to establish a bond with them. Star Trek: Discovery doesnt stand out from the movies. The set design, makeup and graphic effects are very convincing. Recently came out the 2nd season of this series , so if you havent seen it yet, I would like to recommend it. :)

These are all my favorites from the last few months. And what are your favorites? Maybe you've read a nice book lately or watched a good series? ;) 

All cosmetics and products used in this post are vegan and cruelty free. 


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