12 December

Vegan dupe of Anastasia Soft Glam - I Heart Revolution Nudes Chocolate | Review + swatches

I Heart Revolution Nudes Chocolate

 Today I will tell you about the palette I have been using for a few weeks and it has quickly become my favorite palette. Nudes Chocolate from I Heart Revolution is a palette in subdued, neutral colors, which you can make daily and evening makeup. 
I Heart Revolution Nudes Chocolate

 The palette has a slightly different package from older palettes from Makeup Revolution. In the previous version chocolates had 14 shades plus two large shadows, usually in light shades and a double-sided applicator. In the new edition, the palette has 18 shades and due to the lack of applicator on the pallet, the names of shades that were previously placed on a plastic casing fit. Of course, this palette like other chocolates has a large mirror. In my opinion, this change is very good! Now the palettes look more elegant and much more expensive. 
I Heart Revolution Nudes Chocolate

 In the palette, you can find warm as well as earthy shadows. Mostly they are browns and beiges, but there are also roses and plum shade. It is a very nice everyday palette that will match most eye colors. Thanks to dark browns and beautiful metallic shades, it's also easy to do evening makeup with this pallete. 
Shiny shades have a soft, velvety formula and are very well pigmented. They are best applied with fingers or a moist, flat brush. Matte shadows are velvety, but slightly dusty. Most of them have good pigmentation. All shadows connect well and don’t make any spots. They look best on the base and maintain it for the longest time. 
I Heart Revolution Nudes Chocolate

Bare It All - matte, warm shade of copper-brick, shade. 
Stripped Down - metallic copper. 
French Girls - matte, warm, caramel brown 
In The Sheets - matte, warm, dark brown. 
Pillow Talk - satin, mustard-gold shadow. 
Candlelit - metallic, pink gold. 
I Heart Revolution Nudes Chocolate

In The Nude - metallic, bright golden shadow. 
Secret - cold, light brown. This shade is medium pigmented, thankfully you can build its intensity. 
Birthday Suit - satin, pink-salmon shadow. 
Flustered - matte almost white (slightly yellow) shade with golden flecks. 
Lovestruck - satin, warm, slightly pink brown. 
In The Buffy - matte cold gray-pinkish shade. Unfortunately, this shade doesn’t have the best pigmentation, you have to build it to build its intensity. 
I Heart Revolution Nudes Chocolate

Au Naturel - matte, smoky plum shade. 
Undressed - matte, bright caramel shade. 
Bodacious - matte, warm, light brown 
Skimpy - matte, light beige 
After Dark - matte beige-pink shade 
Brazen - matte, neutral, dark brown 

I Heart Revolution Nudes Chocolate

 The palette is similar in color to the Soft Glam palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Both pallets have extinguished, neutral shades. I think that Nudes Chocolate can be a vegan replacement for the palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. The Soft Glam palette is not tested on animals, but unfortunately ingredients aren’t vegan. 
I Heart Revolution Nudes Chocolate

 Of course I recommend this pallete! Apart from two not-too-pigmented shadows, it's easy to work with. This palette is very neutral and has a large mirror, which can be a good option for trips. The only thing I miss in it is the black shadow. The palette is not expensive (it costs € 10.99) and I think it is worth being interested in it. I think that this palette could also be a nice Christmas gift. ;) 


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