21 December

Ideas for eco gift wrapping

Ideas for eco gift wrapping

Ideas for eco gift wrapping
 Papers and bags for gift wrapping are often unsuitable for recycling, and after the holidays they are littered by several dumpers on landfills. And the ecological solution to this problem doesn't have to be packing a gift in a newspaper or gray paper. 
Today, I will show you ideas on how to pack gifts in an ecological way, so that they look nice and at the end of the post you will find inspiration to pack gifts on pinterest. 
Ideas for eco gift wrapping

Paper bags 

In some stores, you can find gift bags made of 100% paper. They aren't uglier or more expensive than plastic bags, and can be recycled after use. 

Eco-friendly paper with stamps 

Eco-friendly paper can be used in many ways. One of them are stamps that look charming. If you don't have stamps, you can easily cut them out of a potato and then paint it with a paint. 
I found my paper in Ikea.
Ideas for eco gift wrapping

 Natural additives 

You can attach pine cones, dried lemons or a sprig of lavender or spruce to plain white or brown paper.
Ideas for eco gift wrapping

Postage Stamps 

Another nice idea for plain paper is postage stamps. A packaged gift looks like a postal package from the old days. 
Ideas for eco gift wrapping

Paper bags 

If you don't have to pack big presents, you can put them in bags and tie them with a paper string. You can find these from the picture in Flying Tiger. 
Ideas for eco gift wrapping

Paper packaging 

You can find that kind of paper packaging in a lot of stores. Tied them with a red, paper ribbon and they will look very festive. 
Ideas for eco gift wrapping

Tags for gifts

Paper tag are also not hart to find. 
But iff you have some time, you can cut a Christmas tree or a heart from paper and make a hole in it with a hole punch. 
Ideas for eco gift wrapping


You can find smooth cartons in Jysk. But maybe you have some nice little cartons at home. 
If you don't like brown color, you can paint them with paints or stick Christmas stickers on them. 

Paper ribbons 

Instead of plastic ribbons you can use paper or cotton strings. They are cheap and can be found in paper shops, Flying Tiger or Ikea.

Here you can fint inspiration on Pinterest.


19 December

Easy DIY EKO Last Minute gifts - vegan recipes

Easy DIY EKO Last Minute gifts - vegan recipes

 Holidays are just around the corner! For those who don't have gifts I come with ideas for simple, eco-friendly handmade gifts. 
DIY Ball Ornaments

1. Ball ornaments 

Empty glass or plastic ball ornaments can be found in stationery stores. You can pour salt into it, which looks like snow, sprinkles for cakes or glitter. At the end, tie a beautiful bow and you will have an original gift that can be used for the next years. 
DIY Bath Salt

2. Bath salt 

Bath salt is very simple to make! 
You just need to measure the amount of salt (sea or Himalayan), so that it fills your jar, pour it into a bowl and mix it with 10-20 drops of essential oil. Then pour this mixture into the selected jar and decorate with a ribbon. If you want to achieve the effect of stripes, you can alternately pour Sea salt with Himalayan. 
DIY Perfume

3. Perfume

To make a perfume you have to mix refined oil (no fragrance) with a few drops of essential oil. I chose lavender oil and added a lavender branch to the jar. Instead of twigs, you can also add glitter.
DIY Srub in the bar

4.Scrub in the bar

I made my cubes from this recipe.
Peeling are very cool,it is peel the skin well and leave it moisturized. 
This is a perfect gift for a coffee fan! 
DIY Lip Balm

5. Lip balm 

In a water bath, dissolve 1 teaspoon of carnauba wax with a spoon of coconut oil or shea butter. Add a few drops of vitamin E. If you want a fragrant balm you can add 4 drops of essential oil, I added orange oil. 
DIY Scrub

6. Scrub 

As a gift, a sugar or salt scrub will also be great. 
On the blog you can find a recipe for orange and coffee peeling. 
DIY Bath Bomb

7. Bath bombs

Vegan bath balls are suitable even for children - they are organic and do not contain any harmful substances. 
Here you can find a recipe for it. 
DIY Soap

8. Soap 

If you have a soap base at home, you can make a nice soap for a loved one. 
Honeycomb soap, I made by inserting a piece of bubble wrap. 

And if you do not have dyes for soap, you can use these spices instead: 
Turmeric, ginger - yellow 
Cinnamon, cocoa, coffee, cloves - brown 
Spirulina - green 
Peppers - orange 

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