02 November

Minimal natural beauty routine zero waste

Minimal natural beauty routine zero waste

 In today's post I will tell you about the changes in my beauty routine, which I made to make it more ecological. First of all, I try to buy natural cosmetics and avoid plastic, and if I buy a product in a plastic package I give it for recycling. I do some of the cosmetics myself at home, but I will give you links to stores where you can buy similar products. 
Minimal natural beauty routine zero waste

Spf filter 

The spf filter is a cosmetic that we should use every day regardless of the weather. Unfortunately, I did not find a filter in an ecological packaging that would have a vegan composition, so I use a filter from Nacomi, which has a natural composition. 

Deodorant from alum 

Alum is a mineral that has an antibacterial effect, making it great as a deodorant. It is very efficient, 120 g is enough for one year of use. It is suitable for use on sensitive skin and has no fragrance, so it will suit any perfume. 

Safety Razor

You can hurt your razor blade quickly, but if you learn to use it slowly and quietly, you will not have any problems with it. I think that after getting used to it the shave is faster (has a blade on both sides) and more accurate. 
Minimal natural beauty routine zero waste

Soap, shampoo and conditioner Bar 

The products in the bar are three times more efficient than liquid products. One shampoo in the bar is as effective as 3 packages of liquid shampoo. Not only is this saving money, but products in bar are often packed in paper. 
I made my soap, shampoo and conditioner at home, but here you will find similar products. 
Minimal natural beauty routine zero waste

Bamboo toothbrush and ecological toothpaste 

Bamboo toothbrush is included in the price of brushes from Colgate or Oral-B. Bamboo brushes are biodegradable, and bamboo is a plant that grows very fast. If you want to make toothpaste yourself, here you will find a recipe. And if you prefer to buy a paste here you will find a paste in a glass container. 
Minimal natural beauty routine zero waste

Bamboo hair brush 

Not only is it eco-friendly, it does not make the hair static. In addition, you can do a great head massage. 

Natural oil 

Natural oil is very practical. In the picture you can see the macerate from the lavender, which I wash the make-up, I apply to my hair before washing and creamy it face and body when I have dry skin. 
Here You can find lavender macerate.


As a tonic I really like to use hydrolate. I often make hydrosol from the petals of a rake that has a moisturizing or hydrolate effect from chamomile and calendula, which is antibacterial and soothes inflammation of the skin. 
Here you can find rose hydrosol and here you can find lavender hydrosol.

Do you have any organic cosmetics in your beauticians? ;) 


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