11 October

Vegan Hair Dye - Biokap Nutricolor 7.3 Golden Blonde

Biokap Nutricolor 7.3 Golden Blonde

  When I dye my hair, I try to choose dyes with a delicate, natural composition. 
 This time I decided to use Biokap Nutricolor, which does not contain ammonia, resorcinol, parabens, nickel, alcohol, cobalt, hydroquinone, silicones and sodium. 
And in its composition there are as much as 92% of natural ingredients. 
 Biokap doesn’t test products on animals and all cosmetics from this company are vegan. 

Manufacturer's description

The natural formula of 22 colors 
Do you know that the word "nutri" means to strengthen, sustain. And these are the Nutricolor dyes - full of vivid and lasting colors that you will enjoy for a long time. It's a special plant formula that provides safe dyeing and 100% coverage of gray hair. Choose one of 22 Nutricolor shades and live colorfully. 
The power of nature 
Active plant extracts account for more than 90% of the composition of Nutricolor dyes. In the composition of Biokap dyes we find a wealth of proteins - soybean, wheat, oat and rice, thanks to which the hair is always perfectly nourished and moisturized. Biokap dyes also contain the patented Lactosafe complex extracted from fruit acids: milky acid from sugar cane, citric acid from citrus fruits, tartaric acid from grapes, malic acid from currants. But that's not all - the composition is also a willow extract, which is a natural UV filter. And for full safety, Nutricolor contains argan oil that has anti-inflammatory properties and soothes allergy symptoms. This is a comprehensive combination enclosed in the unique formula TRICOREPAIR - rice protein, willow extract and lipophilic fruit acids. 
Biokap Nutricolor 7.3 Golden Blonde

My opinion: 

  The dye packaging is kept in a color that is associated with nature. In the box you will find a tube with a coloring cream, a bottle with emulsion, a conditioner in a shampoo, a protective cream for the skin around the hair, gloves wrapped in instructions and a protective cape on the shoulders. 
 I must admit that I have never have a dye that contained a protective cloak and a protective cream, but it was a very nice and practical surprise. 
After mixing, the dye has a delicate, non-irritating smell and a thick consistency, which makes it very easy to apply. 
 I applied the dye first to the roots, then to the ends and washed it after 35 minutes. 
I used almost the whole pack of dye on my short, rather thick hair. 
The dye really has a very delicate composition and doesn’t irritate my skin and thanks to the attached cream didn’t stain it. 
 When I was rinsing the color the hair wasn’t tangled and after applying shampoo and drying them, they were very soft and shiny. 
 Biokap Nutricolor 7.3 Golden Blonde

 Now let's get to the most important thing - effect! 
The dye slightly darkened my hair and that's exactly what I wanted. 
I chose a tone that was darker than my hair ends and a tone lighter than my roots. 
The dye nicely equalized hair color and looks very natural. 
Biokap Nutricolor 7.3 Golden Blonde in sunlight

In the sun, the hair has beautiful golden reflections and in the daylight it has a golden sheen. 
I will definitely use this dye again!  


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