03 October

10 vegan cosmetics for less than 5€ #2

10 vegan cosmetics for less than 5€ 
 Time for another post from the series of 10 vegan cosmetics for less than 5€. 
 Recently we have collected some cosmetics which are good and their purchase won’t be felt for the wallet. This time there will be more cosmetics for women, but there will also be something for men. ;) 
10 vegan cosmetics for less than 5€

Ziaja Med naczynkowa, a face cleansing emulsion that soothes redness 

Dorota: In autumn and winter, my complexion is more sensitive than usual and has a tendency to redden. Emulsion from Ziaja has a gentle ingredients and a very delicate fragrance. Thanks to its creamy consistency, it doesn’t irritate and dry the skin. After using emulsions skin is smooth and moisturized. I really like its hygienic packaging with a pump. 

Patryk: In the cooler period there are always bigger problems with maintaining good complexion. This emulsion reduces this problem almost to zero! Perfectly moisturizes the skin. It has a well-designed packaging. 

Price: 4.99 € / 200ml 

Ziaja Med naczynka, Enzymatic peeling 

Dorota: Enzyme peeling is as delicate as emulsion and has a similar creamy consistency. The producer gives two ways in which you can use it. The first one is applying a scrub on the face and washing it with a cotton swab after 10-15 minutes, and the second is to leave it for the whole night. In both cases, the effect is very similar. The skin becomes soft and smooth, and the dry skins cease to be visible. 

Price: 4,99 € / 75ml 
10 vegan cosmetics for less than 5€

Isana, Style 2 Create, powder for increasing the volume of hair 

Dorota: If you like to have your hair raised at the base, then this powder is a hit! It’s easy to use, doesn’t leave white marks on the hair and doesn’t dry them. Usually I use it after curling the hair to get the "messy waves" effect and it keeps the hairstyle very well. 

Price: 1,99 € / 10g 

Alterra, Hair Shampoo, Bio Morel and Bio Wheat 

Dorota: I really like cosmetics from Alterra. I used each of their shampoos and this one is my favourite. It has a delicate, natural ingredients, doesn’t tangle the hair and wash hair well. Hair after using Shampoo are shiny and smell like fresh fruits. It isn’t very efficient, but its price is very affordable. 

Patryk: Alterra makes good cosmetics. These company's shampoos are perfect for what they were created for. They smell nice, care for my hair and have a very good ingredients. The price isn't too excessive.

Price: 1.99 € / 200ml 

Isana, Style 2 Create, a hair-increasing spray, Glamor Star 

Dorota: We have already written about this spray in this post. And nothing has changed, it still perfectly hold the hairstyle and gives the hair a super volume. 

Patryk:This hairspray is the only one that keeps my hair in order (others quickly stopped working). 

Price: 1.49 € / 300ml 

10 vegan cosmetics for less than 5€

Ziaja, Yego, intensely soothing after shave balm for men 

Patryk: I use this gel after shaving, it isn’t irritating and it absorbs quickly. It has a nice fresh fragrance. I really recommend, so far the best I've used! 

Price: 2.79 € / 75ml 

Fusswohl, foot-cooling gel 

Dorota: This gel fantastically cools the feet! After a full day of walking, it brings instant relief. In addition, after using it, the skin becomes soft and moisturized. The gel has a very strong menthol fragrance and immediately after using it you should wash your hands, that it doesn’t get into your eyes. 

Price: 1. 29 € / 75ml 

10 vegan cosmetics for less than 5€

Ziaja Orange, orange lip balm 

Dorota: Orange lip balm with Ziaja has a very nice, natural orange fragrance. It moisturises lips well, prevents chapping and has a practical, hygienic packaging. It doesn’t last very long on the lips, but it doesn’t bother me to apply it every few hours 
NOTE: Only the orange lip balm from Ziaja has a vegan ingredients. 

Price: 1.16 € / 10ml 

Essence, extreme lasting eye pencil, 05 Rockin 'Taupe 

Dorota: These Essence eye pencils are very good and stay on eyes all the day. Color 05 Rockin 'Taupe is my favorite. I like to use it as eyeliner on my eyelids, but it’s also great as a base for smokey eyes or for marking the waterline.  

Vegan colors are: 01 blacklove, 02 but first, espresso, 03 black midnight sky, 04 nighttime in the jungle, 05 rockin 'taupe, 06 silky nude 

Price: 2,5 € / 1.3g 
Essence, extreme lasting eye pencil, 05 Rockin 'Taupe 

Essence, Soft Contouring Lipliner 

Dorota: Essence soft contouring lipliner are a durable, highly pigmented lip liners. They don’t dry my lips, but it's better to make peeling before using them, because unfortunately they can emphasize dry skin. They have a wide range of colors, so for such a low price it’s worth trying them out. 

Price: 0.95 € / 1.2g 

Essence, Soft Contouring Lipliner, 03 DEEPLY INTOXICATED, 09 GOING STEADY, 11 SUCKER FOR GRAY   

Dorota & Patryk ;)


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  2. Thanks for sharing these vegan cosmetics for less than 5€. I have been looking to buy some cosmetics for my teenage daughter.


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