27 September

Vegan home-made sugar and coffee scrub - 3 ingredients DIY

Vegan home-made sugar and coffee scrub - 3 ingredients DIY

  Today I will show you a simple and quick recipe for my favorite sugar-coffee scrub.
This peeling is a great thing for every coffee fan.
It smells beautiful and has very good properties.
It exfoliates, moisturizes and improves circulation.

What you will need:

Coffee grounds
Jar / container for peeling
Essential oil


  I start making the peeling by brewing coffee.
The grounds that were left after it were left to cool, and in the meantime measure the amount of sugar.
I put sugar in a container in which I will store the scrub and when the jar is almost full, pours the contents into a bowl.
It adds liquid oil and 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds.
I mix the whole to get a mass with a fairly close consistency.
If the peeling is too watery, we can add more sugar, if it is too dry, add oil.
Then we can add fragrance oil, although the peeling smells coffee itself.
I added vanilla oil because I like the combination of fragrances.

You can store the peeling in a refrigerator and use it within 7 days.

If you add a few drops of vitamin e, you can extend its durability for a few days.

You can use scrub twice a week and remember not to use it on wounds and irritated skin.


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