19 September

Vegan Hair Dye - Joanna Naturia Organic gray 314

Vegan Hair Dye - Joanna Naturia Organic gray 314

  It is very difficult to find vegan hair dyes in drugstore. Recently I found Joanna naturia Organic and it turned out that it has a vegan ingredients and doesn’t contain ammonia or ppd. 
Joanna also doesn’t test their products on animals. 

Manufacturer's description: 

 The Naturia Organic dye line was created especially for people with sensitive skin prone to allergies that need non-irritating products with mild recipes. 
These dyes eliminate highly irritating ingredients such as: ammonia, parabens, silicones and PPD. Ammonia was replaced by monoethanolamine, and silicones - Polyquaternium 22, an aqueous conditioning polymer, highly stable at extreme pH. It prolongs color durability, is ideal for dry hair after chemical treatments. 
The paints have been enriched with organic argan oil, thanks to which it cares for your hair during the dyeing treatment! Long-lasting colors, perfect coverage, and at the same time the care of sensitive skin. Convince yourself of the wonderful properties of Naturia Organic dyes! 
Application tests have proved that dyeing hair with Naturia ogranic paints makes them more moisturized, nourished and extremely shiny. 
Vegan Hair Dye - Joanna Naturia Organic gray 314

My opinion: 

 The dye packaging has a very simple and aesthetic design. It contains dye, oxidizer with the given power (in my case it was 9%), conditioner, shampoo, gloves and instructions. 
 The dye after mixing has a not too nice smell, which, fortunately, disappears after applying to the hair. 
 I applied the mixture on dump hair for 40 minutes. After that time I rinsed it and I washed my hair with the attached shampoo and I put on a conditioner. I used up the whole package of dye on my hair, I think two, maybe even three packages can be useful for dying long hair. The paint lightly brightened my hair. The coloring was delicate and didn’t irritate my skin. 
 Unfortunately, I'm not happy with the color I got. I don’t know if it's because I applied dye on a washed pink color, but it came out honey, not gray blond. 
Hair  doesn’t look damaged after dyeing and the color is shiny. 
Despite the fact that the dye doesn’t contain harmful ingredients, the shampoo contained sls, and the mineral oil conditioner, which I try to avoid in cosmetics. 

I think I will use paint from this series, but in a different shade. 


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