04 September

Great Vegans - Leonardo Da Vinci

Great Vegans - Leonardo Da Vinci

  Today I decided to start a series of posts about famous vegans in history. The subject of the first people practicing veganism dates back to 600 BC. however, this topic is on a separate post.
Great Vegans - Leonardo Da Vinci

  I will start with a character well known to you, namely Leonardo da Vinci.

 Leonardo Da Vinci, the great man was born in 1452. He was known for his many scientific and artistic achievements. He was a creative, noble and good man. He respected and admired nature. This can be proved by his diet, because despite the times in which he lived he was a vegan.

  Leonardo didn’t eat meat, eggs and other animal products. His diet consisted of fresh fruit, pea soup, bread, peas cooked in almond milk and green lettuce. He used to buy birds in cages (Italians in Florence bought them to listen to their singing) and released them.
 He openly refused to eat animals and their derivatives, even if it was related to the host's insult or if it was court visits or his clients. He questioned the sentence about the fact that man is the master of animals.

 He thought that people are an example of a beast that uses its strength to build slaughterhouses. He actively fought for animal rights. He knew that they have feelings and are part of this world, just like people.

As he claimed, I quote:

"I denied eating meat in the youngest years. There will come a time when people like me will look at killing animals in the same way as killing people. "
-Leonardo da Vinci

And what do you think about the above example? I'm waiting for your opinions 😀!

Soon there will be more posts related to this topic 😉

Take care! And let veganism be with you! : D


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