31 August

Eco-friendly school supplies guide


Eco-friendly school supplies guide

  The school year is about to start soon!
 A lot of people don’t think about ecology when they buying supplies for school, which leads to high consumption of paper and plastic. And it is very easy to avoid this.
It is best to think whether you really need another pen, eraser or notebook. Maybe you have enough of these items at home?
 If you need to buy some items, I will show you some ideas for an ecological layette for school.

Eco-friendly school supplies guide

1. Eco-friendly notebooks.

Ecological notebooks are made of recycled paper. Typically, their covers have a brown color, but they can be nicely decorated with felt-tips or stickers. What can be fun for children.

2. Replacement notebook pads.

A cool and cheaper option from ecological notebooks are notebooks with interchangeable refills.
They have solid covers, will last for a long time and cartridges are very affordable.

3. DIY notebook

Not many people know that notebooks are easy to do at home. I made my notebook from small pieces of paper that were left after cutting.
Here you can see a video with instructions.

4. Making notes on the tablet.

Making notes on the tablet very convenient!
All notes are in one placedoordren will not get attention for forgetting notebooks. 😉
In the google and apple store there are many good and free applications for making notes: Word, Notebook (in which you can create separate notebooks) or notebook now.
And if children have problems with fast writing on the tablet, they can buy a mobile keyboard.

Eco-friendly school supplies guide

5. Eco pen and pen refills.

Eco-friendly pens are made of recycled paper and plastic. They are a very interesting solution, although I like metal pens for which you can buy additional cartridges. Maybe they aren’t so cheap, but a good pen will serve for a long time.

Eco-friendly school supplies guide

6. Pencil for refills.

A metal pencil for refills is a good investment. Refills are much cheaper than new pencils and don’t produce as much waste as ordinary pencils. The pencil from the photo comes from my mom’s times of study and it’s doing a great job all the time. 😀

Eco-friendly school supplies guide

7. Ecological pencils.

Ecological pencils don’t have a colored coating on them, which makes them break down more quickly. Often you can buy them in a thick, paper or wooden container that can be used as their pencil case.

8. Metal pencil sharpener.

It will definitely be useful for ecological crayons. 😉
It is much more solid than plastic sharpeners that break quickly.
And when it blunts it's enough to replace it with less blade.

9. A metal or wooden ruler.

Of course, such a ruler will be more durable than plastic. And if it breaks down, you can recycle it.

Eco-friendly school supplies guide

10. Metal scissors.

Metal scissors have been used for years. Those from the pictures with colored hands belonged to my grandmother. To give them a new look, I painted their handles with nail polish.

Eco-friendly school supplies guide

11. Wooden pencil case.

This wooden pencil case gave me my mom a few years ago, and she used it before f
or a good few years. I keep brushes in it, but I think it would be nice to use for pens.

12. Eco-friendly briefcases.

Eco-friendly briefcases are made of recycled materials. They are usually much cheaper than ordinary files and you can decorate them yourself.

13. Eco-friendly glue.

Eco-friendly gl is not toxic, and its packaging is made of recycled plastic.
Eco-friendly school supplies guide

14. A bottle that filters water or a water bottle.

A bottle that filters water is a great thing! You can pour tap water into it and drink it right away. Such a bottle saves a lot of plastic. A good alternative to a filter bottle is a water bottle.

15. The lunchbox.

Lunchbox will reduce the amount of aluminium foil used to pack sandwiches. Our lunchboxes are from IKEA.

What do you do to take care of ecology?



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