14 August

12 easy zero waste bathroom swaps

12 easy zero waste bathroom swaps

  In today's post I will show you 12 easy changes that you can make in your bathroom to be more eco-friendly.
12 easy zero waste bathroom swaps

1. Soap Bar.

 This is probably the easiest change, although none of them is difficult. The bar soap is more efficient, it is often sold in paper packaging and has a softer ingredients. After that, a nice bar soap can be a decoration in your bathroom.

2. Natural pumice.

 Natural pumice is effective, but doesn’t clutter the environment and decomposes in 100%. In addition, it is very efficient and affordable.

3. Safety razor.

 Safety razor lasts for many years and is usually made of stainless steel. Ordinary razors should be thrown away after one use, and this stimulates the production of tons of plastic. You just need to buy razor blades for a steel razor. Not only is this ecological solution, it also allows you to save a lot. The cost of the razor is about 35 €, and 10 razor blades costs 5 €. Shaving with it isn’t so bad. ;)

4. A cotton washcloth instead of a sponge.

 Plastic sponges aren’t recyclable and lie for years in garbage dumps. Cotton washcloths are often added to towel sets and they are softer than sponges.

5. Bamboo hair brush.

 Did you know that plastic hair brushes should be replaced every year?
Bamboo hair brushes are antiseptic and don't accumulate so much bacteria. They don’t pull the hair out of combing and electrify them. They also massage the scalp very well.
12 easy zero waste bathroom swaps

6. Bamboo toothbrushes.

 Bamboo toothbrushes are also worth mentioning. They are safe for health and the environment.  Bamboo grows very quickly, doesn’t require fertilization and is a very durable raw material.

7. Homemade toothpaste.

 Speaking of teeth, did you know that you can make an ecological toothpaste at home yourself?
It is very easy and this paste consists of only a few ingredients.
Here you will find a recipe for toothpaste and lightening powder toothpaste.
12 easy zero waste bathroom swaps

8. A glass nail file.

 Paper nail files are worn out very quickly and made of artificial materials. Glass files are gentler on nails and they’re like new ones when you wash them under water.

9. Biodegradable ear sticks.

 Biodegradable ear sticks don’t cost much more than ordinary sticks, and they don’t harm our planet. They aren’t bleached so they don’t harm your health.

10. Reusable swabs.

 Reusable cotton swabs are as delicate as cotton, and when they get dirty you just need to wash them. If they are in a dark color, you won’t see traces of cleaning nail polish on them. 

11. Cloth for removing make up.

 The makeup remover cloth is a great thing, it allows you to wash all the make up using only water. It is made of very nice material and works sensational.
12 easy zero waste bathroom swaps

12. Ecological toilet paper.

 I always try to buy recycled toilet paper with the FSC designation. Don’t worry, this paper isn’t as scary as gray paper from the old years that we have used for window cleaning. 😉

Do you use any of these items in your bathroom?


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