24 July

10 Easy DIY projects | Zero Waste

10 Easy DIY projects | Zero Waste

   In today's post I'll show you 10 simple DIY projects that are zero waste.
Many of them are based on remaking things that you would normally throw into the trash, and thanks to these ideas you can give a new life.

  They are all easy to do and won’t take much time.
10 Easy DIY projects | Zero Waste

1. A glass bottle instead of a watering can.

 Watering cans are usually made of plastic or aluminum, the production of them is harmful to our planet. Unfortunately, they can also quickly become colored from water or rust. That's why I use a large glass bottle for watering my plants. 

10 Easy DIY projects | Zero Waste

2. A shell as a soap dish or a jewelery container.

 Seashells brought from holidays look very nice as soap dishes or jewelry dishes. Not only they are a nice decoration, they will serve longer than plastic soap dishes and they will be remembered for a nice vacation in a prominent place. :)

10 Easy DIY projects | Zero Waste

3. Glass cleaning bottles.

Recently, I discovered that glass bottles of water and apple vinegar fit into bottles for cleaning made of plastic. You can add refills or make your own cleaning products to these bottles.

10 Easy DIY projects | Zero Waste

4. Shopping bags from an old T-shirt or curtain.

 If you have unwanted t-shirts or cotton curtains and a sewing machine at home, you can make bags out of them. Bags won’t weigh much and will be perfect for grocery shopping. I made mine with a white T-shirt that was dyed pink for accident.


5. Rags from old towels and t-shirts.

 Another idea for unwanted t-shirts is to make wipes. Just cut rectangles out of them and sew the ends. You can also do these wipes with old towels. Remember that materials thrown into a normal waste bin will never break down and won’t be re-used, so it's really worth giving them a different use or putting them in containers for clothes, where they will be disposed of.

10 Easy DIY projects | Zero Waste

6. Reusable swabs from material debris.

 If you have small pieces of cloth in the house, from which nothing can be sewn, don’t throw them away. You can make reusable cotton pads of them, which you can use for the face or for cleaning the nail varnish (on the dark material you won’t see traces of the varnish). It's very simple just cut two circles and stitch them together.

10 Easy DIY projects | Zero Waste

7. Jars instead of plastic containers.

There are a lot of coffees and teas in the stores in nice jars that you can use again. I hold in mine dried herbs and tea bought by weight, but you can store in them, for example: rice or spices and salt.
For the beautiful jar you can buy Moccona Coffee or Douwe Egberts Coffee.
10 Easy DIY projects | Zero Waste

8. Cartons converted into binders and boxes.

 If you have a cardboard box after some shipment, you can easily change it into a magazine holder or box for a bookcase. To do this you need scissors, glue, and self-adhesive paper or material / paint.


10 Easy DIY projects | Zero Waste

9. Natural gift packaging.

 Gift packages are usually used once and aren’t recyclable. Gifts packed in plain paper decorated with stamps and natural string look very interesting and creative.

10 Easy DIY projects | Zero Waste

10. Regrowing plants.

 Many people throw away the remains of vegetables without knowing that they can grow new edible parts out of them. You can plant for example: onions, leeks, radishes, carrots, avocados and even pineapple. There are much more plants that you can regrow and you can plant them at home at any time of the year.

More plants:

Do you know any of these ideas? Or maybe you have a small vegetable garden at home?


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